No Wind Of Change Blowing In Zambia, Says Emmanuel Chanda


Emmanuel Chanda

By staff Reporter

Barely four months before the country goes to the General Elections, Kabwata Constituency Aspiring Candidate Emmanuel Chanda believes that there is no wind of change blowing ahead of the polls


And citing myriad of constraints afflicting his compatriots, Patriotic Front (PF) Kabwata Aspiring Candidate Emmanuel Chanda has pledged to take unprecedented development to the constituency in his desire to much its billing as one of the most advanced areas in the country.

Reacting to some section of society saying UPND is gaining momentum in Lusaka and other parts of the country, Mr Chanda said the PF is still attractive and very strong on the ground.

He said United Party for National Development(UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema will go into political oblivion after facing defeat in the General Elections.

He said the opposition has failed to penetrate the capital Lusaka because they are politically weak.

Said Mr. Chanda: “I don’t see activities of the UPND in Lusaka and I don’t see activities of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) in Lusaka. The only being seen is the unprecedented development that has been brought by the PF Government. So, if people are saying the opposition is gaining ground in Lusaka, where are they gaining ground?” he wondered.

Not until the PF came into office in 2021,Lusaka had always been dominated by the opposition.


And Mr Chanda is happy that Kabwata Constituency    has seen enhanced infrastructure and road development under the leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu but that more needs to be done to make the constituency a “paradise”.

“I am happy that as residents of Kabwata Constituency, we have been able to receive the fair share of development and we are thankful to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu because if this was not done, Kabwata Constituency could have been a dusty constituency by now,” he said.

Asked whether the Constituency is one of the most developed in the country as perceived by some section of society, Mr Chanda said he does not subscribe to that notion, stating: “ When you look at Kabwata Constituency, yes, we have these roads that we are talking about but  there are other challenges. Today, if we had been more committed in terms of development, the picture could have been different than what we are seeing.”

Mr Chanda regretted that young people are excessively abusing psychotropic substances in Kabwata, making it second to Chibolya Compound, saying a solution must be found to save lives.

He regretted that Kabwata Constituency has no play parks and skill centres but that once elected lawmaker, he will ensure that these facilities begin to exist in the area so that women and youths are imparted with skills to back their life dreams.

The former Libala Councilor added that there is need to renovate existing Community Halls in Kabwata Constituency.


Meanwhile, Mr Chanda assured that water blue problems in Gondwe Compound of Lilayi Township will be a thing of the past once he assumes a role of Member of Parliament.

“If you go to Gondwe Compound in Lilayi which is part of Kabwata Constituency, what type of water are people in that area drinking? We need to move in and help them so that we can give them water like other areas where there is quality water,” he said.

And Mr Chanda said while Kabwata Constituency   has standard roads in some places, other parts of the constituency have poor road network, saying he will lobby the Central Government to pave the roads and construct drainages in affected areas.

Mr Chanda emphasized the need for Kabwata Constituency to have a Fire Station that will protect property in area.

“We started doing a fire station but up to date, it is not done. How much property has been lost in fire accidents in Kabwata Constituency? When there is a fire in the constituency, we rely on the Central Fire Station hence when there is a fire accident in the constituency, you find that fire tenders arrive too late- they only find ashes. So, we need to finish that Fire Station so that our colleagues can be rushing there when there is a fire accident,” he regretted.