Chikankata MP Raids UPND Election Centre

In what looked like a Hollywood movie, UPND Chikankata MP Crispin Mwiinga Kabwe yesterday, Tuesday, hired and organized losing aspiring candidate Melvin Chisanga’s thugs to raid the venue of the Constituency and District elections in Upper Kaleya of Chikankata District.


Kabwe and Chisanga were absent at the venue. Mr. Kabwe realized that he was about to lose both the Constituency and District elections and decided to disrupt the elections.


While elections were going on Mr. Kabwe’s Toyota Hilux was parked at Dundu area with cadres clad in Chisanga’s attire.


Elections at both District and Constituency level ended around 15.00 and counting was about to start when, in a military style, a diminutive figure appeared at the counting center and followed by about 10 other youths in 2 lines after disembarking from a minibus whose number plates were covered in white papers.


The team entered the vote tallying center and grabbed all ballot papers for Counsellors, Council Chairpersons and MPs, throwing them in all directions.


The UPND youths, who didn’t expect this to happen, reacted and beat up the invaders, capturing three and subsequently locked them in a room.


Other invaders where ruthlessly beaten to near death while others scampered for their lives and the bus that brought them drove off.


Soon after, Police ppofficers from Malabo Police Post arrived at the counting center in Crispin Kabwe’s Toyota Hilux, which had earlier been stationed at Dundu. It was Mr.Kabwe’s car that was used as a rescue vehicle, collecting those injured by the mob and those that had been apprehended by the UPND youths. How did his car get involved when they were not at the venue of confusion? UPND officials managed to retrieve some ballot papers and those managing the elections insisted on going ahead with the count despite reservations from candidates that were present.


However, this was again interrupted when someone claimed that the same invaders had regrouped and were on their way to the center for a second attack.


At this point all the aspiring candidates had to leave the center, leaving the ballot papers in the hands of Mr. Kabwe’s supporters, namely Mr. Malambo (Mubekwabekwa) who is District Secretary and has been in the company of Mr. Kabwe in dishing out bribes to Ward officials, Agness Ng’andu, Constituency chairlady and also involved with Mr. Kabwe’s campaign. Agness is the sister to Kabwe’s campaign manager and ailing Constituency Vice Chairman, Monday Ng’andu. A Provincial Chairlady, Mrs. Mangunje, the aunt to Mr. Kabwe agreed to use Mubekwabekwa’s car to transport the ballot boxes to a location that other candidates were not privy to. Now they claim the ballots were kept at police and they are going ahead with the count of the ballots, with or without the candidates.


Mr. Kabwe has now created another narrative by conspiring with both the police officers at Malabo and Mrs. Mangunje to implicate his greatest rival, only identified as Jaqueline, with whom they had the same votes at Ward level in order to have her disqualified. While using the police they have coached those invaders in police custody and hospital to claim that they were sent to attack the counting center by Jaqueline.


The invaders have been promised more money by Kabwe to implicate his nemesis, by even involving the District Youth Chairman Goodson Namang’onze as one of Jaqueline’s hired accomplice in the raid. Namang’onze is a known kabwe supporter who was camped in Chikankata for two weeks at Kabwe’s campaign house. It is understood that last night Mrs. Mangunje was moved from her guesthouse to another location by her nephew Mr. Kabwe and given K10,000 to allow the Kabwe camp in possession of the ballots to swap the ballots. She has since been giving false reports to the provincial officials in order to clean up her nephew. Chikankata adoptions have been marred with acrimony since last year with Kabwe, Mubekwabeka and the Ng’andu siblings involved in suspending constituency and district officials deemed aligned with other aspiring candidates. The provincial leadership has not been able to understand that Mr. Kabwe is a beneficiary of this confusion not having a credible vote count and by implicating his strongest rival.