Kudos Team DsaT

Team DsaT,
I have always counted on you for your input towards the evidence-based science advocacy campaigns. Your positive contributions cannot go unnoticed. Your input during the last quarter amid COVID -19 pandemic was really beyond what was expected of the team. I must say – it takes discipline, passion and hard work. Your quality of work has generated a lot of interest among local and international organisations with interest to promote science advocacy in Zambia. Soon, we shall roll-out some activities in the next quarter.
Regardless of the challenging circumstances all the way in the COVID19 era, I believe and trust Team DSaT will step-up and take an extra mile to make our organization proud and the country at large. Not forgetting our friends and colleagues – Zambia media and all the silent and active followers on social media for moral support.
You are the best.
NB : COVID-19 is not over – wear your mask when in public, wash your hands regularly with soap or sanitize, observe physical distancing.

Veronica Mwaba

DsaT Founder