Euro-centric religion damaged the Zambian identity …as Genuine Millionaire Initiative is launched

Euro-centric religion damaged the Zambian identity

…as Genuine Millionaire Initiative is launched


By Fulman Mukobeko and Joseph Chanda

Dr Mushalika (left) Mr Mambwe(right)

Genuine Millionaires Initiative was last week launched with movement Patron Joseph Mushalika saying that the combination of an irrelevant and irresponsive school system and euro-centric religion damaged the Zambian identity and alienated them from their resources, creating a good platform for poverty.

And Genuine Millionaire Brand Ambassador Chilekwa Mambwe says Zambians must strive to become economically independent.

And the Chief Foundation has donated 10,000 hectares to the Genuine Millionaire Initiative in each of the 10 provinces of Zambia.

Speaking at a colourful event held at Fish Farm in Olympia Extension, Lusaka, Dr Mushalika said side by side with education, the missionaries introduced religion that condemned wholly everything that was African.


“Apart from introducing God, Jesus and Angels (the devil was the only African in that sequence) as being of European descent, the missionaries labeled African medicine as evil and African technology as inferior,” he said.

Dr Mushalika said the converts to the new religion had to take Christian names as a show of being new creatures.

“…The missionaries changed our names European names like John, James and Mary during baptism,” he said.

Dr Mushalika said for a while, the new system succeeded in creating jobs but created people who cannot survive without employment.

“The self-esteem of Africans was completely damaged as speaking English language was perceived to be a mark of intelligence. Speaking your language in school was an offence. From this loss of identity, poverty was born,” he said.

And Dr Mushalika says Zambians got political independence after a determined spirited struggle from freedom fighters but unfortunately, the system that keeps them dependable on  colonizers was never gotten rid of.

“Our school system perpetuates dependence on jobs and we still read the bible in the missionary lenses,” he said.

Dr Mushalika said under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, Government has released an economic recovery plan that challenges Zambians to take charge of their economic development.

“The President is on record encouraging Zambians to take on fish farming and to form cooperatives but strangely, these pronouncements do not seem to excite Zambians. This is a route we must take. We need to reclaim our identity, we need to reclaim our resources. This political will to empower Zambians must be taken full advantage of,’ he said.

And Mr Mambwe says the forefathers shed blood to bring political independence but that the struggle for economic freedom does not involve blood, saying it only requires the use brains.

“What I like about this battle is that it does not require blood. Our forefathers fought for political freedom and blood was shed. We are politically free, we can move about without anyone questioning us. But I refuse to be that person who only move with a National Registration Card (NRC) that I am a Zambian. I refuse to be that person who says that I am a Zambian without owning land in my own country. I refuse to be that Zambian who will be busy fighting for a 50 by 30 plot which might have been sold to me by wrong people that might have sold it to 50 more people,” he said.

Mr Mambwe said it is high time Zambians started running the economic affairs of the country.

“When you go to the shopping malls, how many people are there? How many cars are packed there? Who is buying from those malls? It is Zambians. Who is selling? Our brothers and sisters from other nations.  Products from other countries. Who is making them(foreigners) rich? Us Zambians? Why don’t we get into these cooperatives, put shares together and run some businesses as well. We are not saying that our brothers should be chased from this country. No, but we are saying that we have learnt enough.  It is high time we stood aloof and say enough is enough of being spectators.  We too can run the economic affairs of this country. Nekoko(Even chicken)  sure? Nama(even)  restaurant sure? Are we being real?” he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, a salary just makes you a smart slave, it is a seed that you should invest somewhere. Unfortunately, if you get a lone in this country, we get it for consuming, you cannot be rich out of a loan. But here are cooperative that have come on board which are a viable business.”

And Chiefs Foundation Chairperson Chief Kaputa disclosed that the Genuine Millionaires Initiative have received 10,000 hectares in each of the ten provinces from the association.

The Traditional Leaders said it was his wish that the land will be utilized for food productions.