There Is Stability And Sustainability In House Ownership, Says Ireen Phiri…As She Urges Zambians To Build Houses Whilst They Are Still Youngung

As the Zambian Government  is determined  to resolve the housing deficit for its citizen  by the year 2030, Mdeza Real Estate Marketing Manager Ireen Phiri (in picture above) has emphasized the need for young people both in the private and public sectors to consider owning property in form of accommodation to leave inheritance to their future generation.


Ms Phiri says according to the bible, parents are urged to leave an inheritance to their children but that it is sad that some people only leave a surname as an inheritance to their children.

Speaking in an inteview in Lusaka recently, Ms Phiri said youths should not wait until they retire from their active duty to buy plots and start building.

She said instead of leading luxurious life style in they are in active employment, youths should secure themselves by  building houses to leave as inheritance to the future generation.

According to Ms Phiri, home ownership ensures sustainability and stability, noting that there is no honour, and longevity in rented houses.

“Home ownership ensures sustainability and stability. It is very beneficial to own a house when you are still young. Don’t wait for your retirement  to come for you to buy a plot and start building a house,” The Mdeza Marketing Manager said, “ Otherwise, one who is renting a house doesn’t have a peace of mind. You are always awake at 04:00 pondering where you are going to get the money for the next rentals. You don’t even know whether your land lord will wake up and evict you.”

Ms Phiri says Mdeza Real Estate is complementing Government efforts of resolving the housing deficit concern by offering plots at cheap rates.

She said the firm has a deliberate policy that favours local people, saying Mdeza Real Estate prioritizes Zambians when selling plots.

Ms Phiri said it is Mdeza Real Estate desire that a lot of Zambians own land and accommodation.

She said it is unacceptable that Zambians can be renting property from foreigners in their own country.

“We are encouraging as many Zambians as possible to buy plots from us and build houses for their future benefits. There is security in land and housing ownership,” she said.