Political will key to Independent, free press and growth of Zambian Media

Happy World Press Freedom Day to all Media Workers and for us as the Leadership Movement this day calls on all the stakeholders to reflect on challenges facing Media players.

Independent press is a must for Zambia but it has to start with a political will as we know the press plays a central role in enhancing democracy, good governance and Information sharing.

Like stated in our mainfesto Dr Richard Silumbe and the Leadership Movement wants to see the development of the local Media eg Newspapers, Television, Radio, Online outlets without political interference.

Further the Leadership Movement vision is to see the local platforms to start competing with International Media like CNN, BBC, Voice of America , France24 and many more.

As the Advertising space keeps on shrinking, we in the Leadership Movement calls on the Independent Boardcasting Authority (IBA) to stop Issuing Media Licenses until Zambia comes up with an Advertising Policy, so as to support existing Media Platforms to grow bigger and better.

Allow us to commend trade Kings group of companies for supporting media space in Zambia through Advertisement especially that as of today 70% of our Media is supported by Trade Kings this is the kind of Investors we want to see in Zambia.

As Zambia goes to the polls and the Leadership Movement taking part in the elections, we can only advise all Media to be responsible to their consumers to provide fair coverage to all participating political parties.

Issued by:
Tatila Tatila
Media Director
Leadership Movement