I Have A Passion For The People Of Mambilima, Says Chibwe Mwelwa…


Patriotic Front (PF) Mambilima Constituency Aspiring Candidate Chibwe Mwelwa says his resort to enter into the murky waters of politics is to pay back to the community were he was born and raised.

Mr Mwelwa says he could not have been where he is today had it not been for the people of Mambilima whom he seeks to serve.
The Mambilima Constituency Aspiring Candidate paid tribute to female forks, his mother, untie and grandmother for the life he is living today.

And Mr Mwelwa said what the country needs are right people to run the Constituency, generate laws that affect the country but was quick to point out that the PF has capable persons to preside over 154 Constituencies in the next 5 years.


“We need to get right people to run the constituencies that we have. Whatever we have learnt from both the public and private sector must be taken where we grew up from and also having right people in Parliament to generate good laws that will affect our country and I think the PF is doing well in that regard. They have right people to manage the Parliament that we will have in the next five years,” he said.
Asked what major challenges his compatriots are facing that have moved him to aspire for their redemption, Mr Mwelwa said he would like to revive agriculture, an activity that has eluded the Constituency.
While paying tribute to the role women play in the development of the country, Mr Mwelwa said he will ensure that women are given farming inputs on time.
“Many women don’t participate in the major agriculture services because input delivery is poor. Some people here in Lusaka receive a lot of inputs and they do farming conductively but in Mambilima, it is not like that. So, we believe that they need to be empowered so that we are able to have a lot of farming activities going on in Mambilima Constituency.
“When you look at Mambilima, there is no major agriculture activity there. We have massive land in Michelo Ward. Why can’t we take advantage of this land and create a food basket? We can do that because the residents of Mambilima are hard working and good fox,” he said.

And Mr Mwelwa says Mambilima Constituency is endowed with alot of trees,saying the potential for timba procession is possible there.
“There are lots of trees in Miselo Ward. So, people can start processing timba…A ZAFFICO planation can be done there,” he said.
Mr Chibwe says the geographical position of Mambilima Constituency pegs it near Luapula River making it possibly conducive for fish farming.
“You know that Mambilima Constituency is near the Luapula river. There should be fishing ponds in hundred or even in thousands there,” he said.

Mr Mwelwa regrets that with the availability of the waterfall resources, he finds difficulties to understand why the country is still importing fish.
And Realising that youths play an important role in the development of the country, Mr Chibwe said he aims at looking at ways and means to make young people of Mambilima Constituency viable.

“There are lots of youths in Mambilima Constituency but there isn’t enough programs around there. Therefore, there is need for training.. you have to train fox in other categories where they can be trained in,” he said. “So, there is a lot of activities that can be done for the youth there,” adding:
“I see those as major problems and I see that they can be sorted out,” he said.

But who Chibwe Mwelwa?

Chibwe Mwelwa was born and grew up in Mambilima Constituency in bundala village.
“I went to Kashiwa Primary School where I did my grade seven. By God’s grace, I was the only one who passed there. I went to Mansa Secondary School. At that school, in form one and two, I was the best student in Luapula and I represented the province at Hillcrest High School in Livingstone. After Hillcrest, I went to the University of Zambia and studied Industrial Engineering. From the University of Zambia. I then went to the United Kingdom to do Masters in Procurement at the University of Whales and completed the certification in procurement. I went back to the University and did Masters in Business Administration in Scotland and I also did a Masters in Project Management at Leicester University. I am also a candidate in PHD in terms of understanding the of application manufacturing system to the project management development in Zambia.
But Where has Mr Mwelwa work?

“I worked for TAP building products in Chilanga, a company that was making roofing sheets across the country.
I then went to ZESCO in Stores Management. Later on I went to KCM Copper as a Contract Administrator where I was promoted to head of procurement. I switched to Lafarge and later Millennium Challenge Account. During that period, I was a board member of Zesco until I was made Zesco Chairperson last year. I am also President of the Zambia Institute of Purchase and Supply. At the same time, I am a University Lecturer.