Empowerment, Job Creation agenda is with the Leadership Movement.

As we kickstart our official campaigns countrywide as a movement will continue to support, empower women in business, youths and vulnerable Zambians as we are on a mission to reclaim the Zambian vision and deliver a better a country “The Great Zambia”

It is our vision to grow the economy through agriculture, manufacturing and support the tourism sector which will result into job creation, so that Zambia can have a better economy.

Under Dr Richard Silumbe in the leadership movement government agriculture will be at the centre of our economy.

And Zambia being a landlocked country, LM government will feed Angola, Zimbabwe and DRC, whose outcome will eventually creates millions of jobs and business opportunities.

It starts by supporting, Campaign and voting for the visionary leadership.

I encourage people to be part of the leadership movement for a better Zambia.

Issued by:
Chalwe Chandalala
National Youth Coordinator of the Leadership Movement.