I Am 22 Dating a 50 Year Divorced Man, How Can I Convince Him That I am Not Ready For Marriage

Good evening admin, please hide my ID, using a friend’s account.
I’m a 22year old lady in a relationship with a 50 year old divorcee with 7 children, this man has been so loving and caring to me. The problem is that he is too jelous over me, whenever my phone goes off he gets really mad and starts me of being in another relationship or maybe when I’m at home then he calls and he hears music playing in the background, he asks me if I am at home or at a bar (this man knows I don’t drink or smoke). We always argue and get back together. He wants to take me to his people for introduction as a woman wants to marry. I’m not comfortable with his decision, I love him but I’m not ready to be introduced yet.
Please, how can I tell him I’m not ready to meet his people?