Sex drought forces Lusaka man to seek “greener pastures”

A 25-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka West is refusing to reconcile with his wife whom he accuses of having deleted love-making from the marriage rota and filled the slots with prayer sessions.
This is in a case where Tresford Simbeya, a vendor on the streets of Lusaka has been dragged to court by his 23-year-old wife Traciliar Mulenga seeking reconciliation.
According to Traciliar, her husband packed his clothes and left their matrimonial home two months ago.
She begged the court to force her “prodigal husband” back to the house so they could look after their two children together.
But Simbeya was not willing to return.
Simbeya told the court that Traciliar is ever tired because she expends much of her energies and time ranting and feating prayers at her pentacostal church and upon return home, she has no energy to perform nightly connubial duties.
This has greatly troubled Simbeya especially that according to him, sex is an important component of marriage as well as a man’s happiness.
Fearing to gather “rust on his dormant and unused engine”, Simbeya admitted to the court that he had opted to leave his house and get it serviced in other garages.
Being a an energetic and youthful man with no deficiency in the supply of testosterone, Simbeya vowed before court that he would outsource love services for as long as his wife remained an unwilling running mate in the matrimonial race for bliss.
Simbeya told the court that out frustration, he had even once beaten his wife for starving him sexually but the beating had done little to help the situation.
”It is better I look for another woman who will be giving me what I want, there is no way she can be putting our child in between to prevent me from sleeping with her,” complained Simbeya.
“I stopped her from going to church but to no avail, my wife has also been counselled by traditional marriage counsellors on several occassions but has not changed,” he added.
In her testimony, Traciliar said she had been waiting upon her husband to return for the past two months.
Traciliar said in the course of the couple’s marriage, Simbeya had been disrespectful to her and would call his girlfriend in her presence inviting her to come over to their house.
In his ruling, Magistrate Kaputo Ng’andwe in adjourned the matter to May 24 for judgment.
He said the two should go and sit down with their families and consider reconciling.