2021 General Elections An Opportunity to Stop Chinese Influence in Zambia


LM President Richard Silumbe(right)confers with LM Media Director Lonely Tatila

As we celebrate the Africa Freedom Day- The Leadership Movement note with concern on the growing of Chinese Influence in Zambia.

Today, Many Zambians who are voiceless are always abused, In some cases they Land taken away and authorities corrupted by Chinese investors.

The Leadership Movement wishes to remind citizens that this year’s election gives Zambian People a chance to stop Chinese influence by voting for the visionary leadership of Dr Richard Silumbe.

It is our vision to see Zambian youths and women run our mines, agriculture, manufacturing and the tourism sectors.

Therefore, fellow Zambians give no chance to a politician or political parties funded or supported by the Chinese nationals for the Seek of our future generation.

“As stated in the Leadership Movement manifesto its Zambia for Zambians, rich or poor, jobs to the Zambian youths, women empowerment to widowed, marketeers and the Unemployed”

Rise up, dust yourselves and defend the freedom of Zambia at the hand of China.

“Happy Africa Freedom Day”

Issued by:
Tatila Tatila
Media Director of the Leadership Movement.