Let’s Unite Against PF- Pemberton Mumba

Fellow citizens, our eyes must be wide open to what has been going on in the country in the last few months leading to the August 2021 election. Almost on a daily basis we have been reading in the print media and watching on the electronic media about donations from the Patriotic Front (PF) to all groups of people, that cannot be taken to be ordinary donations. These have been obvious attempts to woo the electorate to vote for PF.

The whole nation has witnessed unprecedented corrupt practices. To begin with we had PF Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers giving out such donations to groups of people in the voting age groups such as musicians, artists and social media personalities.

Ministers Charles Banda, Dora Siliya and Olivia Phiri Mwansa were dishing out huge sums of money to the electorate in Kapoche, Petauke and Nyimba respectively. Minister of Foreign Affairs Joe Malanji, the helicopter man, has donated buses and distributed undisclosed sums of money to marketeers, churches and bus drivers in his constituency of

Chimwemwe. Bowman Lusambo, the two million petty cash man, is on record to have given colloisal sums of money to the electorate in his Kabushi constituency.

The main culprit here is the Head of State who has been giving vehicles to Chiefs and bicycles to village headman in almost all the chiefdoms in the country. This distribution has been done openly, without shame and is against the spirit of the electorates roles, including the Anti- Corruption Practises Act, which clearly forbids such practises especially during elections as they amount to gratification in exchange for votes.

President Lungu has gone further to give an undisclosed number of cattle to be distributed to prisoners, in the same year that for the first time in our history, prisoners will be given the right to vote. That is gratification.

Mr Joe Malanji, the Minister of Foreign Affairs is under probe as to the source of his money, the huge sums he has been donating everywhere and the helicopter he bought for a reported USD 8 Million. He is also reported to have given a car to Hon Kapalasa, UPND Katuba Member of Parliament to entice him to vote for Bill 1 0 and immediately withdrew it when Kapalasa rejected the corrupt Bill 10. This case is now under review by the DEC as it is considered to have been corruptly given to enable MP Kapalasa vote for the doomed PF backed bill.

We want to ask all the legal practitioners and interpreters of the Laws of Zambia to respond to this statement because we believe strongly that all these donations which have been given and continue to be given by President Lungu and his Cabinet Ministers and other High ranking PF party members, amount to massive corruption practises which are forbidden by the appropriate Laws of Zambia. These include the Corrupt Practises Act of the Anti

Corruption Commission and the regulations of the Electoral Commission of Zambia, among others.

The whole nation will recall that former Malambo MP Maxwell Mwale was convicted and imprisoned for having given out bicycles to the electorate in his former constituency. This should sound a serious warning to PF for what they are doing as this is a precedent that all culprits will be taken to court and convicted. Every case which has been openly reported in the media without shame or remorse, should be investigated and the culprits brought to book.

Another bad precedence has been set with PF openly buying MPs from opposition political parties to weaken them and consolidate their false win. Mr Charles Kakoma, Mbabane MP, Prof Lungwangwa and Mr Kasonso were all enticed to join the outgoing PF with undisclosed sums of money.

Recently, Mr Davies Mwila the PF Secretary General, announced that three UPND MPs were about to defect to the PF following intentions to bribe the lawmakers. The nation now knows that this was a ploy as the three mentioned MPs came out to deny ever wanting to defect to the failed PF. This is their continued ploy to buying opposition MPs and pretend these MPs are running away from UPND and other opposition parties. This is far from the truth. We highly commend these principled MPs who have refused to join the failed PF.

We urge all UPND MPs throughout the contry to unite with the people of Zambia and stick to the winning UPND because it will not be long before we all celebrate together. The likes of Kakoma, Lungwangwa and Kasonso will on 1 2th August, 2021 , will cry bitter tears that they fell into the PF plot. They will be as Judas Iscariot who went crying and ended up commiting suicide for betraying Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver.

In every election we have had, there have been massive election petitions for Members of Parliament who have been suspected to have bribed the electorate and ended up with their elections nullified when found guilty of corruption. This year should not be an exception. Every Member of Parliament mentioned in this article should be petitioned and found guilty of corruption during elections. The people of Zambia should not be takenfor a ride any longer, so beware all aspiring candidates and be warned.

Pemberton Mumba (Spokesperson)

Movement for a Better Zambia