Mutale Nalumago Ready For Huge Task

“Politics is not a game, it is serious business. It is not a dirty game, it is the players who are dirty. We are at fault for putting the wicked in power and expecting them to be pure”. Powerful strong words from a powerful and strong woman with twenty (20) years experience in politics. Having served in Cabinet and in the National Assembly among others, her experience in public service is well rounded and suitably qualifies her to know what she is talking about.

Seated on her verandah after a long day in the campaign office, Mrs Mutale Nalumango, UPND Vice President and Presidential Running mate to Mr Hakainde Hichilema in the August 2021 Elections, spoke about the momentus week just ended.
“It was satisfying to successfully submit our nomination, in the face of so much negativity and aggression. I am grateful to God that all went well and that progress has been made in taking Zambia forward. I believe that this is an election to give Zambians hope and that for Zambians there is no other option but UPND and its Alliance partners.
For the Doctor working with no gloves or drugs and in the face of Honeybee scandals, is there any other option? For a Nurse or a Teacher, what motivation is there for them when their qualifications are not recognised and salaries are dwarfed? Is it what a Police Officer wants, to be commanded about by cadres and beaten? Or a Public Servant to lose authority and be commanded by anyone?”.
The passion clear in her voice, Mrs Nalumango expressed her hope that Zambia is ready to take back control in their hands and create the Zambia they need. “We want a silent revolution. No noise, no violence, no insults. Just your NRC and voters card. Speak to the person next to you and explain to them how to make things better, to take back their pride in working and earning a decent living and not being a slave to corruption or held to ransom eating crumbs from a stolen table”.
When asked on her priority areas if elected as Vice President, Mrs Nalumango sighed. “It is difficult to distinguish as each area impacts on the other.
I am a Teacher so education matters deeply to me. Education is the great equaliser. I was orphaned at six (6) years old and lived in the village. I am where I am because of the education provided to me by the Government. Why should a Government fail to provide education for its people?
But how does a child learn when she is hungry? Eradicating poverty is paramount. That means a focus on agriculture and food security which needs correct policies which allow for the creation of wealth.
Wealth creation means straightening out our mining industry. That can only happen in an environment of zero tolerance to corruption. We need to stop the bleeding if we are to grow the economy.
Caderism has been allowed to flourish out of control and there is no order in society. The rule of law needs to be re-established”.
Despite the overwhelming realisation of the work ahead, Mrs Nalumango is ready for the work ahead. “God has called me to serve Him through politics. It needs clean people to clean it up. Proverbs 29: 2 says ‘When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan’. We need each of you to come and work with us, don’t sit on the fence. You are welcome”.