BetPawa Does It Again! …With The May Madness Give Away Promotion

BetPawa Does It Again! …With The May Madness Give Away Promotion

By Olivia Lundako

Tumfweko Media has learnt that BetPawa treated its clients to a rare month of May with the amazing promotion dubbed “May Madness Give Away” in which it parted away with expensive t household electronics.

As though that is not enough, BetPawa has introduced a new jackpot named ‘paws pot’ and the biggest jackpot ever in Zambia for K55,000,000.

No one has ever done this in Zambia either in lotto or sports betting.

The May Madness Give Away promotion which has been in the month of May saw BetPawa Zambia giving away expensive Samsung phones, Explorer Decorders and Plasma TVs.
In addition to that, Betpawa paid six month subscription fees for the full bouquet MultiChoice Explorer Decoders on offer.

When reached for a comment, BetPawa Zambia Country Marketing Coordinator Davy Mvula said the Sports Betting Firm launched the May Madness Give Away promotion as way of showing gratitude to its esteemed clients.

Mr Mvula added that the May Madness Give Away” promotion, will give some of BetPawa clients an opportunity to watch the rescheduled Euro 2020 finals.

“This was a deliberate promotion which we named the May Madness Give Away. What we wanted to do… You know, every company should consider its clients. Since we are a friendliest Sports Betting Company in Zambia, we need to please our clients. We wanted to go a step further and try to please our clients by giving them household electronic items.”

He added: “What we wanted was to put a smile on people’s faces by giving them a chance to watch the Euro 2020.We want to give a certain number of clients a chance to watch the games nicely at the comfort of their homes without thinking of paying subscription. So, they will be watching for free, knowing that we have already paid subscription fees for six months. In that way, we feel we are reaching out to our clients.”

Surprisingly and very interestingly, one of BetPawa ardent clients, Martin Chinyanta won twice within a period of one week.
Last week, he won a Sumsung A52 phone but he never stopped betting just because he won an expensive cellphone and this week, he has won a Television set and full package MultiChoice package.
Asked by Tumfweko how feels after being a recipient of the BetPawa May Madness Give Away amazing prizes within the space of two weeks, Mr Chinyanta could not hide his joy.
Mr Chinyanta who has just graduated from Copperbelt University said he considers himself the luckiest person in the world, adding that this is dream come true for him.

“When an official from Betpawa Zambia called me, I thought there was something wrong. I thought they wanted to revoke the ownership of the Sumsung A52 phone which I won last week only to be told that I have won an expensive Plasma TV and Explorer Decorder. I am very lucky . This is certainly dream come true for me. I will put the items to good use as way of appreciating BetPawa,” he said.