The fact that over 16 presidential candidates are contesting the August 12 polls demonstrates how the democratic space in Zambia has expanded during the reign of President Edgar Lungu and the PF.

Whilst we are alive to the fact that every Zambian enjoys the democratic right to vie for any position of their choice, including the presidency, we expect Zambians to scrutinize carefully those aspiring for various positions, particularly the highest office in the land in regard to what they intend to offer differently from those in power.

It’s worthy noting that Zambians have the right to know and choose any candidate of their choice when given facts of what each presidential candidate is offering.

However, we have noted with dismay how some opposition political party leaders in the past have betrayed their electorates by instructing their elected representatives not to work with Government in delivering the much-needed development in their respective areas.

It’s not a secret that the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema instructed his elected representatives not to work with Government, a situation that deprived the electorates of the much-needed development in their respective areas.

However, we do not expect Zambians to repeat the same mistake of giving the mandate to those who betrayed them in the last five years.

We are fully aware that President Lungu and the PF have not only developed the best blueprint to turn around the economy and improve the Zambian people’s welfare, but they have also demonstrated their commitment to better the lives of Zambians through various unprecedented citizens’ empowerment initiatives being implemented countrywide.

More so, the expanding democratic space thrives not only on the number of presidential aspirants, but also on the alternative programmes offered by those challenging President Lungu in the August 12 polls.

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