Statement On Political Parties Disregarding ECZ Directive On Campaign Rallies

We are very disappointed with political parties who have vowed to ignore the directive by Electoral Commission of Zambia to ban public rallies due to the Covid 19 pandemic which is now ravaging Zambia with increasing daily infections.

Political parties with the interest for the safety of the lives of their supporters like Patriotic Front are abiding by the ECZ ban on political public rallies. We therefore are calling on the all political parties to emulate President Edgar Lungu who is not holding any political public rallies to safeguard the lives of the Zambian people from Covid 19 pandemic.

However, it must be made clear that ECZ has not banned political parties from campaigning as some section of society are alleging in their usual style of spreading falsehoods for cheap political mileage.

The issue at hand is very serious and must not be politicized as it involves people’s lives. We call up the Police High command to ensure that the ECZ directive on political public rallies is enforced and those not abiding brought to book without fear, favour or discrimination.

The Zambian DNA calls upon the ECZ to ban any political party from participating in the August 12 elections if they deliberately endanger the lives of their supporters by going against the ECZ directive on political public rallies which are known to be super spreaders of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Issued by :

Zambian DNA Spokesperson

Spuki Mulemwa.