Stop The Blood-Letting

All patriotic citizens across the political divide and from various walks of life should put their heads together to chart the way forward to stop the blood-letting incidents being perpetrated by political cadres as the situation risks generating into a serious conflict.

Indeed, the country needs everyone’s contribution such as traditional leaders, the Clergy, political leaders, the Police, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), Community leaders, Media practioners and etc, to stop the blood-letting political violence.

Moreover, Zambia is a Christian Nation that needs everyone to come on board to put an end now to the escalating levels of political violence and blood letting.

If the the blood letting is allowed to continue, it will compromise the credibility of the August 12 polls and dent the image of Zambia as ‘an oasis of peace’ to the global community, a situation that will scare away prospective investors.

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