His girlfriend plaited my hair, wife cries to court

His girlfriend plaited my hair, wife cries to court
A WIFE of Ndola has cried to the Kabushi Local Court to dissolve her marriage on grounds that her husband was a crafty crook who imported his girlfriend into their house for one week claiming she was his cousin.
Catherine Chabu, 28 said that her husband James Mukocha, 29 brought a 22-year old girl to their house claiming she was his cousin.
She said in the one week, the girl identified as Jamila Kunda even plaited her hair without her knowledge that it was her rival fiddling with her head.
She, however, said that after one week, she returned home one afternoon to an abominable sight of her husband, dressed in nothing else but white short socks, having a punishing dig at Jamila on the family sofa.
She said that when questioned over the incident, Mukocha claimed Jamila was his second wife and not cousin and that he had kept her in the house so that they know each other with her as the first wife.
And when quizzed over the matter, Mukocha admitted to his brazen act of bringing his girlfriend to the matrimonial house.
He boosted that he has high libido and needs sex everyday which he wife could not manage as she had set a timetable of three times per week only hence his engaging a second wife.
He bragged that due to his sexual efficiency, Jamila had in fact conceived from him and was five months.
Meanwhile, in defending herself from accusations of being stingy in bed, Catherine said her husband was a sex maniac who slept with her even before she could heal after child delivery and also wanted sex when she was on periods.
After hearing testimonies from both parties, the court advised Catherine to sue for divorce if she was not happy with her husbands sexual energy.