Husband in trouble for not shaving wife

A MAN of Ndola on the Copperbelt is in deep legal waters after his father-in-law sued him for failing to shave his wife.
In the Kabushi Local Court, Vincent Mushanga, 54 has asked the court to compel his son in-law Joebrick Mukupa, 30 to pay him K12,000 for neglecting his wife to remain with a forest of pubic hair due to his failure as a husband to shave her.
The unshaven forest was discovered when the wife died from natural causes and was being prepared for burial.
Meanwhile, the Court has ruled that Mukupa was guilty for neglecting his duty as his wife’s pubic baberman and should pay the K12,000 in K500 installments.
However, the judgement sent the gallery murmuring that it was not fair to blame Mukupa for the unshaven pubic hair.