Mesala Predicted KKs Death

Mesala Predicted KKs Death


By: Prophet Shepherd M. Mesala

“According to what I saw last month that the rains will come in dry seasons and it will clean the land.

In my vision, I saw a death of a person who has saved in a higher office in the nation of Zambia dying but after his death, there was revival in the nation.

Watch and pray the RAINS, rained already. What you are about to hear is a sad development. But to many millions of people it will be there break through because he did much charms on the land and God kept him so that he seek forgiveness but time is up.

He killed all his friends because of power, he sacrificed the all land to evil altors but time is up God is cleaning the land.

Prophecy is for the wise share in all groups . break through is coming.

Prophet Shepherd M. Mesala