Dr Richard Silumbe Celebrates KK’s Love For Young Leadership

Dr Silumbe signs KK’s Book Of Condolences at His Residence

Leadership Movement (LM) president Dr Richard Silumbe will remember Zambia’s founding Father Dr Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda as a leader who identified and promoted young leadership regardless of one’s origins.

An appreciative Dr. Silumbe recollected that during his 27-year-rule, the United National Independence Party (UNIP) leadership gave key leadership roles to former Foreign Affairs Minister Vernon Johnson Mwaanga and former Prime Minister the late Kebby Musokotwne, to name but two young people.

Soon after signing a Book of Condolences at late Dr. Kaunda’s State Lodge funeral house this morning, Dr. Silumbe gave a moving tribute to the fallen nongenarian, KK who died aged 97 on Thursday 17th June 2021 at Maina Solo Military Hospital, where he had been hospitalized on Sunday 13th June 2021 with suspected pneumonia.

Accompanied were National Chairman David Kalumba, the Media Director Lonely Tatila

Dr. Silumbe said

“We are honoured to be here to pay our last respect to the Founding Father Dr Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda, who imparted academic and life – self reliant attributes among young people in Zambia, a deliberate policy decision which the Leadership Movememt will consolidate once elected on Thursday 12th August 2021.

Making reference to the the noted youthful dividend,

Dr. Silumbe restated that the Leadership Movement will continue to indentify the energy of the young people in the nineteen and twenty year category.

And Dr. Silumbe said that Dr Kaunda’s economic and social transformation plans toward national building cannot match any of the successive governments; the Movement for Multiparty Democracy(MMD) and the Patriotic Front (PF).

“This is why when we compare the First National Development Plans to any of these plans with other successive governments, .MMD (1991-2011) and PF (2011 – 2021) , such infrastructure or policies do not match UNIP and KK’s elaborate development investment plans and used the energy, which actions embraced young people.

We had the University of Zambia , Great East Road Campus, Tazania Zambia Rallways (TAZARA) built with the First National Development Plans”he expressed.

And Dr. Silumbe said the late Kaunda will be remember for fighting corruption in a way he lived and preserved the natural resources for the coming generation.

“Land was not taken by foreigners and other natural resources like copper, emeralds and mukula trees,” an elated Dr. Silumbe stated.

Meanwhile, the Leadership Movement president implored young people in Zambia, to mourn Dr Kaunda, former Chief Justice Ms Irene Chirwa Mambilima and prominent and ordinary people with peace and dignity as guilding principles.

” I remind young people
to reflect on their contributions toward consolidating Independence and self-rule, achieved when KK and peers liberated Zambia on Saturday 24th October 1964.

“They should mourn our gallant leaders cautiously within Coronavirus (covid-19) steadfast in this hard and harsh time,” Dr. Silumbe cautioned.