Inspect The Voters Roll

All peace loving and democratic citizens must agree that Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the unPatriotic Front (PF) have removed lawful and democratic means of competing for power in the 2021 elections. The Zambia Police have become PF cadres.
There is no freedom of assembly for the opposition. ZNBC has become PFBC. ECZ, ACC, DEC and every other acronym you can think of are now PF branches.
The worst is the creation of a PF Voters roll. Why is ECZ refusing an audit of the voters roll? How come registered voters in opposition strongholds have reduced drastically? Answers to this, Mr Edwin Lifwekelo, PF Deputy Media Director, indicated that PF won the 2021 elections in 2020 by employing ‘winning tactics’. Lifwekelo categorically stated “we registered more voters in our strongholds than in opposition”.
This was done during the issuance of NRCs and voters’ registration cards by ensuring that only their strongholds registered more voters. This was confirmed by former Defence Minister Davies Chama that the voters roll was doctored. Clearly, this was the first stage of rigging.
Signals were first sent when former Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo announced that registration of voters would first start in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga provinces before moving to Western, North Western, Southern and Central provinces in the second phase. Why was this necessary? Registration of voters has always been done simultaneously throughout the country. The issuance of NRCs is supposed to be a continuous exercise. The motive was clear. To disadvantage the opposition!
The voters roll does not reflect the youthful population of Southern, Western, North-Western and Central provinces.
One wonders what happened to the youth in these provinces. Otherwise, we are going into an election already rigged.
Lastly, we have witnessed unprecedented corruption by PF in lobbying for votes through donations of cars, bicycles and all manner of gifts, led by Edgar Chagwa Lungu himself, his Ministers and senior cadres. This is against the anti-corruption laws and he must be held accountable and brought to book.
How can the PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza state that the leadership of President Lungu has fought corruption? That is utter nonsense. If anything, Edgar Lungu has promoted corruption to stinking levels. It has become a cancer under PF.
Countrymen, women and youth, we need a better Zambia and revolution must surely be won on 12th August, 2021. Vote for President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND Alliance.
Movement for a Better Zambia