12 year Old Girl In Mazabuka Impregnated

A 12 year old girl of Mazabuka’s Kaleya compound has repeatedly been defiled and impregnated by a man of the same area. The girl who is now four months pregnant could not reveal what was happening as she had been threatened to be killed. However, the pregnancy was discovered at the clinic last week when the girl fell ill and needed medical attention. The girl’s father has told Diamond news that his daughter was defiled on four occasions between February and March. He is demanding justice for his daughter saying her education future has been shattered.
The girl’s father adds that justice for his daughter will send a message to would be perpetrators as it is becoming common in Kaleya compound to see parents whose children have been defiled just end up sorting the issue with the culprits with taking the cases to court.
Meanwhile, Mazabuka People’s Action Forum Officer, Eneless Daka has expressed sadness at the incident. She has called on the community to report all cases of defilement to the police in order to bring to a stop the rampant rise in cases of child abuse in Kaleya compound. Police have since apprehended the suspect and is in custody.