How to make your generator quiet as a cricket

There are six major sources of noises produced by a generator and these include noise from the engine, noise from the cooling fan, noise from the alternator, noise from the engine’s exhaust, the induction noise and the mechanical noise. In this article, I will discuss effective ways on how to make your generator quiet as a cricket.

How to make your generator quiet as a cricket

The noise produced in the engine is mainly as a result of the combustion that goes on within the engine. In addition to that, a running generator may produce a lot heat which needs to be controlled. Some generators are air-cooled while others are liquid-cooled. Those which are fan cooled produce even more noise from the both the motor of the fan and the air that travel at high speeds.

Besides the typical noises that come from a generator,  there may be reasons why you might be experiencing louder noises from the generator which may include but not limited to the following listed in this guide.

Common causes of loud noises from a generator

  1. Distance of your generator from your home or campsite. The distance of your generator from your home or campsite will play a big role in determining how much noise you will be experiencing from the generator. The further away you position your generator from your home, the less noise you will experience from it.
  1. A malfunctioning muffler. A muffler is made to reduce the noise from from the machine, but sometimes a muffler may not be working or it may malfunction. If it does malfunction, no amount of noise from your generator will be minimized and so you will generally experience loud noises from your generator.
  1. Placement of your generator. Another factor that should never be overlooked when you want to place your generator is, find it the right base. Some bases may actually amplify the noise that comes from your generator. These are generally materials liks metal surfaces, plain concrete. On the other hand, materials such as rubber mat will generally absorb some noise coming from your generator.

So we have looked at some factors that can determine the noises that come from your generator. Now it is time to look at the tips on how to make your generator quiet as a cricket.

How to make your generator quiet as as cricket

  • Replace your generator’s muffler: Sometimes, the muffler may malfunction or otherwise you will just want to replace it with a quieter one. Many people go for a bigger replacement muffler which is a more effective muffler. Actually by using an improved muffler you should expect to level down your generator’s noise by about 10- 12 decibels. Otherwise if doing a replacement of the muffler is not for you, then consider using the water as a muffler.This achieved by using a horse pipe which on one end is put into a bucket  or container of water around 5 gallons.Then the other side of the horse pipe is attached to the exhaust of the generator. However ensure that the exhaust is above the level of water and that you make some holes on the horse pipe near one end which is attached to the exhaust to prevent any water from flowing back into the exhaust. In addition to replacing your faulty or non-performing generator’s muffler, we have listed the following tips on how to make your generator quiet as a cricket.
  • Keep your generator as far away as possible: This is a straightforward strategy especially if you have space around, whether you are camping or you are at home. The further away the generator is, the less noise you experience but you will need to have extension cables that will be long enough to connect  you from the location  of your generator.
  • Place your generator on the soft surface: Generally some surfaces may actually amplify the noise coming from your generator particulary surfaces like metal surface or concrete. So, by placing your generator on soft surfaces like rubber mats, these will actually dampen the noise coming from your generator. This is achieved by absorbing the vibrations that come from a running generator.
  • Get a baffle box: Although you cannot soundproof your generator completely, you can however create an enclosure for your generator or consider or getting a baffle box which can help to make your generator quieter but ensure that there is no overheating by your generator.
  • Position the exhaust pipes vertically: avoid facing the exhaust in your direction, generally facing them vertically will reduce the noise that will reach you.
  • Install silencers: generally silencers work in the same way mufflers work.
  • Installing sound deflectors: Though this  may sound so technique, it’s not hard at all. Sound deflectors work by preventing sound waves from going in some specified direction by reflecting them. For your portable generator, you can have 3-4 sound sheets of plywood to use as sound deflectors.
  • Get a new quieter generator: If you have tried doing the  above tips and you still think the noise is still there, consider buying or replacing a generator with a quieter one one especially one that suits you. The more power a generator puts out the more noise it produces. You might actually not need big generator for you camping activities ( if you are camping).

By ensuring that you buy a generator that meets your needs such as charging laptops and phones, then a small generator that doesn’t produces a lot of noise will be a great fit for you. Otherwise generators big  with high power outputs enough to power a fridge will produce more noise.

Usually such generators will have higher wattage outputs from around 2500 to 5000. I hope this article on how to make your generator quiet as a cricket has been helpful. You may also like to read about how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor.