Mlewa Is A Liar!

We want to set the record straight on defacing of posters in Lusaka Central Constituency. We have read the recent posts on facebook by Lusaka Central Independent Candidate Msaiwale Mlewa, in which he goes on a scathing attack against the front runner Mulambo Haimbe of the UPND.

We have taken keen interest in this issue as it is obvious when it is looked at with a critical eye that Mlewa is acting for political expedience in order to try and gain a sympathy vote against his strongest opponent.

It also appears that the whole charade is elaborate scheme in which Mlewa is working with the PF to malign the UPND candidate as the bulk of allegations against Haimbe are based on speculation. As for the issue of posters in particuk against Haimbe are based on speculation.

As for the issue of posters in particular our investigation have shown that by and large, except in lake Mwapona Road in Woodlands, Ibex Hill stretch where all Candidates seem to be involved in defacing one another’s posters and where Mlewa got the pictures he is touting to the public, his posters remain intact throughout the remainder of the constituency.
This can be seen from the attached photos.

On the other hand, Haimbe posters are the target of rwmoval and covering mercilessly by the PF. Strangely, the PF do not touch Mlewa’s posters. This could only be because of a number of things. either:
1. He is not seen as a factor in elections.
2. He is working with the PF to sabotage Haimbe’s chances or
3. Both of the foregoing. Whatever the case maybe, it is simply not true that Haimbe is responsible for removing or defacing 10 000 of Mlewa’s posters as he alleges.

That is malicious political talk in our view is himself guilty of covering Haimbe’s posters in the notorious Lake Mwapona Road area as the photographs shown. Haimbe is a victim and not a villain contrary to desperate attempts by Mlewa and his PF colleagues at the Candidates