Apostle Mayambu Salutes Pres. Lungu, HH Elbow Greeting

Battle Cry For Zambia Founder Apostle Dr.Mayambu has saluted the Gesture of both his Excellence President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the leader of the major opposition party .Hakainde Hichilema hand shake at the late Dr.Kenneth Kaunda’s funeral yesterday. “The Spirit of Unity which our Late Founding  Father Dr.Kenneth Kaunda championed is very important for the prosperous of our Great Nation.

We must all understand that the spirit of Unity is Greater than anything which may want to divide us regardless of our differences, our tribe or political affiliation. We should learn to love one another as we are all citizens of this Great Nation.Let love Lead.

“I Apostle Dr.Mayambu of Battle Cry For Zambia want to urge all the youths in these two Political Parties to emulate what the two leaders did to co-exist without them engaging in Political Violence.

I Apostle Dr.Mayambu would like to urge all believers to Join us in our 90 days Prayer and Fasting for Peaceful Elections which is ending of the 12th August 2021.

As battle Cry For Zambia, we are also Praying for the will of God to Prevail upon the upcoming General Elections. May God bless Zambia.”

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