Apostle Dr Mayambu Urges Kambwili Not To Campaign On Tribal Lines Again

Battle Cry For Zambia Founder Apostle Dr.Obrian Mayambu has strongly warned  Patriotic Front(PF) Member Chishimba Kambwili not to campaign on tribal lines again.

“As Battle Cry for Zambia, we have welcomed the lifting of Dr.Kabwili’s suspension by the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ).

We hope he has learnt his lessons. We want to remind politicians in this country to understand that tribalism has the potential to divide the nation”, he said.

Apostle Mayambu said politicians must avoid using hate speech but should rather focus on issue based campaigns ahead of the General Election.

“Tribalism should be  rejected by all well meaning Zambians. We have remained united and never stood against each other like we have seen in other countries,” he said

Apostle Dr. Mayambu urged  Zambians to respect and hold each other in high esteem regardless of where one originates from because that is how Zambians are designed.

” I Apostle Mayambu is urging believers across the country to Join in the 90 Days Prayers and Fasting for Peaceful Elections for Zambia which will come to an end on 12th August 2021.May God bless Zambia.”

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