PF, realizing that they are on the verge of losing the 12th August, 2021 elections, have resorted to lying that UPND are being violent so as to attract police wrath and seek to reduce people’s support.
Antonio Mwanza and his PF party are hypocrites. Mwanza said in June that UPND is a violent party. This is downright garbage. Everyone in Zambia knows that UPND is a peaceful and progressive party. PF have been using the tactic of causing violence and blaming the violence on the innocent UPND.
In 2015, some PF youth carders revealed that Munali Constituency MP Prof Nkandu Luo had bought some UPND T-shirts and distributed them to PF carders with instructions to beat up people and cause all sort of violent activities. This was to hoodwink the Nation into believing it was UPND and not PF who were violent.
This has been their pattern of behavior and has continued up to date. The Police do not even investigate the reported violence because they are a branch of PF and know that it is their own PF in UPND T-shirts who are responsible.
PF, stop this nonsense! The people are aware of your evil schemes and know that it is not UPND. Antonio Mwanza utterances should be dismissed the contempt they deserve and PF must be kicked out on 12th August 2021.
All peace loving Zambians, do not entrust PF with another five (5) misrule. Their hypocritical and deliberating plan to kill innocent Zambians. That is why it is not surprising that the PF has refused to sign the LAZ Peace plan.
Country men, women and youths the only hope for peace, security and development is to usher in the new government of UPND and its Alliance. Lungu and Luo and your violent carders- out, out, out! Zwa, Zwa, zwa! Chokani chokani, chokani! Kabiyeni, kabiyeni, kabiyeni! Leave Zambia to grow in peace. UPND is for peace, unity, economic development and respect for human rights. Under UPND and its alliance partners, violence and corruption will be a thing of the pass to be buried with the PF.
Vote for Hakainde Hichilema and UPND alliance for a better future for your children.
By movement for better Zambia.