President Lungu greets Ms Mwaba

We commend President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for the Civil servants’ debt swap move as this is meant to give relief to civil servants’ indebtedness to various financial institutions as they will have ‘more money’ in their pockets during this period of high cost of living triggered by the negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

We also salute President Lungu and his Government for being consistent in implementing pro-poor policies since they took over reigns of Government in 2011.

It’s worthy noting that the PF Government under the able leadership of President Lungu is the first ever in the Zambian history to have demonstrated a tacit commitment to improve Civil servants and the general citizenry’s welfare by introducing the inaugural Civil servants – Government debt swap in an effort to rescue civil servants from the shackles of debt-trap that gobbles a large chunk of their income.

Further, we welcome the plan to extend the scheme to other public and private sector workers.

In view of the foregoing, we urge the Zambian people to ignore the usual critics of President Lungu and his Government as they have a track record of opposing anything and everything Government proposes even if it is meant to improve the welfare of people.

Issued by:

Consortium of Political Parties and Non Governmental Organizations Spokesperson

Spuki Mulemwa