UPND Garner Votes Through Outright Deception

pix curtesy of Lusaka Times

We are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that opposition UPND garners votes through outright deception because deception is engrained in their DNA, as UPND elected representatives refuse to work with government, a situation that robs the electorates of effective representation.

We say so because UPND representatives are under strict orders and instructions from their party leader to criticise and oppose anything and everything that government proposes no matter how beneficial it is to the Zambian people.

It’s for this reason, we are urging the voters particularly in Western, North Western and Southern Provinces not to be deceived once again by UPND’s sugar coated but empty promises, as they will betray them as they have shamelessly done in the past.

We therefore strongly appeal to the people of Zambia not to vote for the so called UPND Alliance as they have nothing to offer and definitely don’t mean well for this great nation, but instead vote for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his Running and Winning Mate Professor Nkandu Luo and PF candidates as PF has a proven and impeccable track record of a developmental agenda tailored to ” Make Every Zambian Count and Leave No One Behind”

Issued by:

Zambian DNA Spokesperson.

Spuki Mulemwa