How To Stop A Slamming Door: 10 Effective Ways

A slamming door can be a very annoying thing to experience. You definitely do not want to have one for your room or house and so in this article I have put together tips on how to stop a door from slamming.   

stopping a door from slamming: Door closer

A slamming door can also be dangerous especially if kids are around, it can pinch their fingers and so on. Apart from bringing harm to toddlers, sometimes it’s just the noise that comes from it that is so uncomfortable for many people.

When you have kids around, you don’t want to have a door that slam shuts because   it’s a problem that will wake them up even when they are having a nap or sleeping.

In the following guide, I decided to put together 13 tips on how you can control or stop a door from slamming.

 Common Causes for your slamming door include;

  • Uneven door: The door which is not even or not horizontally installed is a common cause for a door to slam. Sometimes a door, whether wooden or made of steel may change position due to changing temperatures or weather. A door which is uneven is imbalanced and tends to be slamming.
  • Wind pressure: If there is a window or any opening either within the room or outside, usually causes the door to slam open or slam shut. This is as a result of changes in the wind pressure.
  • Improperly installed or worn out hinges: Hinges that are in the correct position or were improperly installed may imbalance the door which causes to slam shut depending on the side where it is slanting.

How to stop a door from slamming

  1. Use a door stopper

The use of a slam door stopper is one of the simplest and most basic methods. The door can’t go beyond it just by sliding a stopper underneath the door which will stop the door from slamming shut. Although it will keep the door open, you can easily remove the stopper when you don’t need it and easily slide it back when you need it. They come in different designs and colors to match your décor.

  1. Using a rubber band

A simple rubber band can do wonders in preventing your door from slamming. Hang the rubber band on the knobs on both sides of the door.  It will do so by cushioning the impact of the door on the door frame.

  1. Install door closer

 Installing hydraulic pneumatically door closers is one of the most effective way of stopping the slamming door problem. When you need a long term solution , you may consider getting a door closer. Door closers use hydraulic fluids to close the door and they may also come with a remote control.

4.  Inspect hinge and replace them if necessary

Hinges that are not properly installed may cause the slamming of the door due to the imbalance of the door. You can take a look at the hinge when the door is halfway open to see if they are correctly installed or if all screws are tightened and in the correct positions. Use a level to put against the latch to make sure the door is vertical. Then use it to tighten the screws.

5. Use anti door slam products

 While anti slam products may be used, most of them will prevent the door from closing completely. You may consider attaching a slam guard on the hinge of your door. This is temporal as it can be removed and placed back whenever you want.

  6. Protect the walls with a bumper

Sometimes the slamming happens when the knobs hit the walls, so to prevent the knob from hitting the wall when closing the door is to install a self-adhesive bumper. This product is made of plastic, rubber or foam and fixed where the door handle is in contact with the wall.  They are an inexpensive solution and are usually transparent, so you can paint them in your favorite color. In addition, the installation process is very simple.

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 7. Use a Weather-stripping

  Although they are known to seal off gaps around the windows or the doors to prevent flow of wind either in and out of the room,   weather stripping can also be used to prevent your doors from slamming. How do you do this?  Apply it on the interior of your door frame. Weather stripping cushions the impact of a closing door, it slows down the rate at which the door closes. Besides that, they will also help you insulate your home.

 8. Felt pads

This is a cheaper way of controlling a slamming door. You can install the felt pads on the door frame. The felt pads work by cushioning the impact that the door makes when it shuts by slowing the rate at which it reaches the surfaces of the door frame. Besides this, it i also absorbs the terrible noise that comes from a slamming door.

9. Apply Finger pinch guard

Finger pinch guard will not only help protect your baby or toddler from having their finger pinched or jammed.  They can help also help you control a slamming door. Many finger guards are designed to be positioned at the edge of your door, preventing them from closing. Although you will not be able to close the door completely when you are using them, you can easily remove then when not in use.

10. Door silencer

This is a small piece of high grade rubber that is stuck on the door frame particularly where the door rests when it closes. It cushions the impact of the door as it slams due to its flexibility, it is rubber in nature. It is cone in shape on one side and on another side it is a circular piece of heavy duty rubber.

You can install it yourself by drilling a small hole, about a quarter inch on the door stop part of your door frame about a quarter inch, force in the cavity from the cone side.