Dear country men and women, my task today is very simple, to advise you not to vote for UPND if you care for the unity, continuity and prosperity of this great nation.

We elect leaders to to represent us as we all can’t go to State House, Parliament and Councils in our multitudes.

The last time I checked, Western, North Western and Southern Provinces have been electing Members of Parliament and Council representatives on the UPND ticket who are instructed and threatened with expulsion by their party leader if they work with Central Government.

Case in point:
former Kafue Council Chairperson who was hounded out of UPND for working with government.

Elected representatives are paid handsomely while their electorates wallow in squalor and abject poverty as they are denied the much needed development in their respective areas due to the partisan stance taken by the UPND.

UPND in its current form is a party of deceit that uses other provinces to get into power without any interest for the welfare of the people.

If anyone has any doubts, rewind to 2006 when State Counsel Sakwiba Sikota and many others were kicked out of UPND for not being Tonga.

The die is cast, Zambians must not vote for a regional party that has no regard for others, no leader from UPND has ever apologized to the Zambian people or more importantly to State Counsel Sakwiba Sikota and others who were hounded out of UPND for not being Tonga.

May God bless you all.

Issued by:

Zambian DNA Spokesperson.

Spuki Mulemwa