Banda Endorses Chilufya Tayali

Banda endorses Tayali for tomorrow’s polls Kwacha Magazine owner Saeed Banda says Economic Equity and Progress(EEP) candidate Chilufya Tayali for Lusaka Mayoral race is best suited to grab the seat in tomorrow’s General Elections. Mr Banda says Mr Tayali is the strongest candidate among those vying for a Lusaka Mayoral office. Speaking in an interview ahead of tomorrow’s polls, Mr Banda said he has endorsed Mr Tayali owing to his firmness and brilliant judgmental capacity. Mr Banda said Tayali is capable of transforming the city of Lusaka to greater height. “I wish to state that i am endorsing Mr Tayali in tomorrow’s polls. Why Mr Tayali? I have endorsed Mr Tayali because he is simply the best candidate for the Mayoral race,” he said. Mr Banda added:”Remember the former Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa was suspended by the former Local Government Minister Charles Banda who was his junior but that can’t cant happen with Tayali because he is very firm,” Mr Banda said. He added that Tayali being party president of EEP will not operate with undue influence from the party.”