Footage: Kafue Prophet Explains Why Took His Own Life

Footage: Kafue Prophet Explains Why Took His Own Life

A video has gone viral in which a kafue prophet who took his own life few days ago where he is explaining why he took his own life. Some of the issues he raised were that he was suffering financially and could not even afford to pay for rent.

And another prophet, Angel Abraham from UK has called on several Zambian ministers to contact his ministry for financial and spiritual assistance.

He acknowledge that life is hard when you are a young person and starting a ministry

This is an excerpt from his Facebook page:

“You can’t help the dead; instead help one while they’re still alive.If anyone knows the family and the widow of the late young man of God–I want to give my financial support to them. Please contact my personal assistant.Secondly, I want 300 young ministers of the gospel from Zambia to contact us as well on our church line +1(443) 674-3800I want to empower them financially and spiritually as a way of encouraging them to carry out their divine assignment because I have been there before. I’m a Father and a Prophet who God has raised for this end time King Jesus Revival and this is one of my mandates.Rest in peace#THEFEARLESSLIONSee less”

Watch the footage here: