Bokani Soko and Team Vow to Destabilize HH

Bokani Soko and Team Vow to Destabilize HH

… as he funds Emmanuel Mwamba’s smear campaign.

BOKANI Soko is bankrolling former diplomat Emmanuel Mwamba’s PF presidential aspirations and smear campaign against President Hakainde Hichilema.

PF insiders have disclosed that Soko has vowed to destabilize the new dawn government through Mwamba.

“Its a no brainer that upon his recall from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mwamba has been on a warpath. He has been busy discrediting HH and the new dawn government using various media platforms. The aim is to mobilize and incite the public to possibly rise against HH and the government,” the source said.

“This entire operation is heavily financed by Bokani. I’m sure you will understand that Mr Soko was one of the greatest beneficiaries of Edgar’s corrupt system. He was untouchable so with the change of government he had sensed danger and now thinks he can safeguard himself from prosecution by destabilizing this government.

“And to achieve this, he has found Mwamba to be the best candidate for this dirty job. Mwamba is on his payroll. Each statement he issues or any radio or television appearance he makes against HH and the new dawn government he is paid handsomely for that”.

The source revealed that Mwamba was such priority at Soko’s business premises.

“Everyone at Grandview and now infinity group offices know how important Mwamba is to their institution’s survival so even when Soko is not in town, there is always someone to attend to him- give him the cash. In order for him to continue with his malicious campaign against HH,” the source said.

The source further said that Soko is funding Mwamba’s aspirations to the PF presidency.

The source said Soko is convinced that with Mwamba at the helm of the former ruling party, there chances of returning their influence once PF bounces back are very high.

“With ECL gone and Valden Findlay on the run he strongly feels that he will solidly take charge and usher PF back in power and be back to his old ways of shoddy deals. And according to him Mwamba presents that opportunity than anyone else since he’s feeding him and financing his activities,” the source said.

Soko came to prominence after the power vacuum that was left after Sata’s death caused factions within the PF party all vying for power. It was Soko amongst other lawyers including Kelvis Bwalya Fube also known as KBF, who on one evening of November 2014 secure an injunction to stop the PF convention presided over by PF president Guy Scott at the time, thereby putting Edgar Lungu in pole position to secure the party candidacy for president. This was the course that, in hindsight, changed Zambia’s fortune.

On the 25th July 2015, Edgar Lungu became the president of the Republic of Zambia. On 6th February 2015 Grandview International Limited, owned by Bokani Soko, was born.

The business model of Soko was simple — target the biggest government supply and procurement contracts with the backing and blessings from the Head of State. Grandview was primarily used to funnel Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Zesco and other ad hoc supply deals.

However, in order to funnel contracts from multiple ministries, independent enterprises were formed or were affiliated with. These deals often involved the most lucrative of government contracts. Neiras Investment Limited was used to funnel FISP — fertilizer supply contracts. Since Lungu’s election, this enterprise has participated annually in FISP, obtaining the bulk share of these overpriced farming input supply deals. Sterelin and PharmaNova were used to funnel Ministry of Health supply contracts. Other investments during this time were Lusaka Dynamos, Diamond TV and Grand Palace Hotel to name a few.

 In 2019, the infamously notorious Grandview International Ltd was shelved and a new holding company was formed — Infinity Group. Under this group three business sectors were targeted: Manufacturing, Pharma and Real Estate.

The earnings that Soko has accumulated and continues to generate have largely been transferred offshore with the bulk of it going to Dubai, UAE. Along with this capital, Bokani Soko fled to Dubai in early 2020, where he is currently living a comfortable and lavish lifestyle. He will do so for the rest of his days contingent on the conclusion of this year’s elections.

From 6 years of FISP contracts, multiple Ministry of Health contracts, oil deals, and the infamous fire trucks to name a few, our informants for this story indicated that what sits in Dubai, along with other offshore territories is currently north of $140 million dollars. This fortune is expected to shoot up especially if he manages to capture the new dawn government as well.

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