Savenda Captures New Dawn Govt

Savenda Captures New Dawn Govt

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) financier and Savenda Group Chief Executive Officer, Clever Mpoha has finally established himself and his business interests with the New Dawn government .

Mpoha, who is no stranger to controversy in so far as shoddy business dealings are concerned, has successfully managed to capture a number of UPND government ministers.

Previously, Mpoha had a number of PF ministers especially former mines minister Richard Musukwa in his pocket and indirectly controlled government mining policy.

This enabled him to be the PF and former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s most reliable financier who particularly financed the PF campaigns in Southern province in the 2021 presidential and parliamentary elections, which saw Lungu lose power to incumbent Hakainde Hichilema.

Impeccable sources within government have disclosed that just like before, Mpoha has managed to penetrate the new dawn government and has a number of key ministers on his payroll.

“This guy was the PF and Edgar Lungu’s Major financier and everybody knows that but we are shocked to see that many ministers have been captured and he is busy boasting that he will soon be controlling the entire government policy,” the sources revealed.

“He is boasting that there is nothing special about the UPND government and its ministers because everyone has a price. And no one can refuse his money. He is saying that the current ministers are so hungry and ready to accept anything.

“He is bragging that just within the short period of time he has managed to deliver Euro-Africa Kalengwa mine, which is evident that he is not a small boy to play with.”

The source further revealed that Mpoha has told them that he has already struck a deal with the new administration to ensure that all government insurance policies are with Savenda General Insurance Limited.

“He has told us that all government and parastatal insurance policies will all move to his company, Savenda General Insurance Limited because he has already oiled the right officers in the new dawn administration,” the sources said.

“What is clear is that though a new government was voted into office, nothing has changed. We re dealing with the same shrewd elements and unfortunately, the new government is willing to give them space because they are producing money, which is very sad and worrying”.