Found Dead Kitten What to Do?

Last updated 19 June, 2022.
If you’ve found a dead kitten. You should check for signs of life, such as breathing or movement. If the kitten is not moving, it’s probably dead.

If you see any signs of life, try to revive it by gently rubbing the kitten’s belly until it starts breathing again.

If the kitten continues to show no signs of life, it’s time to call a veterinarian immediately and bring them in (if possible). The vet will be able to perform an autopsy on the animal and try to determine what caused its death.

If you don’t feel like calling the vet and the kitten is really dead. Put it in a box and bury it somewhere else where it can’t be exhumed.

If you have other pet animals in the house, then you should probably check for wounds on the kitten’s body. Just in case it was killed by another animal such as a dog in the house.

Other Possibilities

The kitten might have been sick. Some kittens die from illness before they are weaned, and others get ill after they are weaned. In either case, it is important that their siblings do not get sick too.

Make sure that all of your other cats have been tested for FIV and FeLV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia Virus).

If your kittens were born in a barn or shed where there were feral cats nearby, they could have been exposed to these viruses through their mother’s milk.

The kitten might have died from eating something poisonous like rat poison or an insecticide. If this is suspected.

Then do not handle the body with bare hands because you could absorb some of these toxins through your skin and become sick yourself!

If the kitten was found outside in your backyard it may have been hit by a car or attacked by another animal such as a dog or coyote.

Found Dead Cat in Road What to Do?

First, check to see if it is still alive. If it is breathing, take it to a vet immediately or call your local animal shelter for help.

If the animal is obviously dead and not in a dangerous place like in the middle of traffic or on train tracks, then you can move it out of sight.

This will help prevent scavengers from disturbing the body and possibly spreading diseases.

If the animal has died from exposure to the elements (like freezing or overheating), then you may want to bury them. Make sure that they are at least 3 feet deep so that other animals can’t dig them up.

Also contact animal control so that they can dispose it off properly if you fail to do it. Animal control officers might even publish a post or fliers to the public.

So that if by any chance the cat belonged to someone. They would be able to come through and confirm it.

Found My Cat Dead Stiff

The next step is to make sure that the cat is actually dead and not just in a coma. To do this, gently lift its paw up and see if it drops back down immediately or remains raised for several seconds before returning to its normal position.

If it does drop back down immediately, then it’s safe to assume that your cat has passed away. If it doesn’t drop back down immediately, then there’s still hope!

Now that you know for sure that your cat is dead, you’ll want to get some help from someone else who can assist you in removing the body from its current location.

Ideally, this person should be someone who has had experience with dead bodies before, so they know how best to deal with them (such as a medical professional).

I Found a Dead Cat Outside My House

The immediate reaction to finding a dead cat outside is usually one of shock, followed by grief. There are many reasons why a cat might be found dead in your garden or on the street.

So, it’s important to investigate the circumstances surrounding the cat’s death before making any assumptions.

The first thing you need to do is check for any obvious signs of injury or illness. If there are no visible injuries, then it is likely that your cat may have died from natural causes.

If you see any blood or other bodily fluids coming from your cat’s mouth or nose, then it may have died from being hit by a car.

The same applies if there are chunks of fur missing from its body, as this could indicate that another animal attacked and killed it.

If your cat has been dead for more than 72 hours, then there is no way to determine why it died due to. Decomposition but if you know how long ago it died then this can help narrow down the possibilities.

Found My Cat Dead Outside No Marks

Cats can die of many different causes, but most often the death is due to a disease. This usually starts with symptoms such as weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration.

These symptoms may progress to seizures and coma within 24 hours. If your cat is showing any of these symptoms, please take him or her to your veterinarian immediately.

If your cat has died suddenly and you find him outside, there may be no marks on his body. This could be because he did not suffer from an underlying illness before he died and was healthy when he went outside.

It could also be because the autopsy showed no abnormalities in his organs or tissues that would indicate what caused his death.

Your veterinarian will perform an autopsy on your kitty as part of their investigation into what happened to him.

Depending on how long ago he died and how quickly after death occurred, there may not be any external signs on his body that would indicate why he died.

Other Reasons Why Dead Cat Has No External Injuries
  • Dead cat outside has no marks because it died from natural or old age.
  • Heart disease, if your cat had heart disease and it suddenly stopped beating and died then it wouldn’t leave any external signs.
  • Poisoning, if your cat ate something toxic then it wouldn’t leave external evidence of what killed it.
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), this is an uncommon cause of death in cats, but it can cause internal bleeding that doesn’t show up externally.

The cause of death can be very important in a cat autopsy. If your veterinarian suspects that your cat was poisoned, they will run toxicology tests to determine the cause of death.

You should also discuss with your veterinarian whether or not an autopsy is warranted, since this will require some additional expenses and may not provide results that are useful to you.

If you suspect that your cat was poisoned by something, such as rat poison or antifreeze, then an immediate autopsy is highly recommended.

If your cat died from trauma (such as being hit by a car), then it’s possible that the body suffered internal damage before death occurred and there may be no external wounds present on the body.

Found My Cat Dead with Eyes Open

It is normal for a cat to have their eyes open when they die. This is because cats have a muscle behind the eye called the palpebral ligament.

It allows them to hold their eyelids up so that they can see better in the dark. When a cat dies, this muscle relaxes and allows the eyes to close.

The only way you can tell if your cat is dead or just sleeping is by checking for breathing and a pulse. You can do this by placing your hand under their chin while looking at their chest, or by placing your hand on their chest while looking at their nose and mouth.

If there are no signs of breathing or a pulse after 5 minutes, then it is likely that your cat has passed away peacefully in its sleep.

In any case, if his eyes were open when he died, I would strongly suggest having a necropsy performed by someone who has experience with this type of thing.

That way you will be able to know the cause of death.

How To Dispose of a Dead Stray Cat

Disposing of a dead stray cat can be a little bit tricky. You don’t want to just leave it out in the open because it might attract other animals, or even disease. However, you also don’t want to bury it in your

backyard or any place where someone else might find it and get upset about having a dead animal in their yard.

You want to make sure that stray cats are not left behind for others to see. This is especially important if your cat died from rabies, which is spread through saliva and bites.

If you’ve had contact with the animal or if it was sick, you need to be tested for rabies as soon as possible.

If you’re sure no one has come into contact with your cat’s body, remove it from its location and take it to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic for disposal.

Animal control may even have a special service for dealing with dead animals, so check with them before taking matters into your own hands.

Once at the vet or shelter, staff will dispose of the body according to state regulations concerning rabies risk levels and other health issues that could pose a threat to public health (e.g., contagious diseases).

Other Things to Consider on The Disposal Of Stray Cats

Put on gloves and protective clothing before handling the body. This is for your safety and for the safety of other animals who may come into contact with it later on down the line.

Decide if you want to bury or cremate the body. If you choose cremation, ask your local vet for advice about where you can take the body for cremation

If you choose burial, make sure that the ground is not too hard for digging. You may need more than one shovelful of dirt to cover the body.

If you’re choosing cremation, put the body into something that will burn easily and safely (such as an oven bag).

Otherwise, wrap it in newspaper or plastic sheeting before burying it so that no animals get into it later on.

You may want to add some soil or clay as well since this will help prevent any smells from coming out of the ground if there were maggots inside your pet’s body when they died.

This will also make sure that other animals won’t be able to dig up your pet’s remains later on either!

When burying or cremating your pet’s remains, remember that they should be buried at least three feet deep into the ground.

And if you’re cremating, do it in a free space in which other animals won’t get affected by either disease or disturbance to their natural habitat.

Dead Cat Outside My House Superstition

The superstition that finds a dead cat outside your house is one of the oldest beliefs in history. It is believed that this occurrence is a bad omen, and it can predict future events.

Some people believe that if you find a dead cat outside your house, it means that someone in your family will die very soon. Others believe that when you find a dead cat outside your home, misfortune will befall you.

It depends on where you’re from and what culture you come from. In some places, it’s considered bad luck to find a dead cat outside your house, while in others it’s actually good luck.

These are just some of the superstitions associated with finding a dead cat outside your home.

Other say that if you find a dead cat outside your house and decide to burry it the next morning. Then you will have good luck for seven years.


That does not mean, however, that you are stuck with the dead kitten in your house. Finding dead kitten on your couch may seem like a nightmare to you.

But there are plenty of things that you can do and should not worry about at all. First of all, make sure to avoid any contact with the kitten.

This is because it might be infected with different diseases which can be dangerous for humans as well. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching the dead kitten.

The most important thing you can do if you find a dead kitten is to contact the nearest shelter.

they will be able to help bury your dead kitty properly and they can give them a proper burial.

But remember never burry the body where children may be able to find it. If they do, it can be dangerous because the kids can get seriously infected by illness from the carcass

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