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68 Fall PREGNANT at Chipata’s Hillside Girls High SCHOOL

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By Editor on January 20, 2012.

SIXTY-EIGHT girls at Hillside Girls High School in Chipata reportedly fell pregnant in 2011 alone.

The cases have since been reported to the office of the Eastern Province AIDS Coordinating Advisor (PACA).

Provincial AIDS Coordinating Advisor, Emmanuel Chama, revealed the development on Wednesday during a meeting of the Provincial AIDS Taskforce (PATF) held in Chipata.

Mr Chama said that 61 cases were confirmed by doctors while seven others were received by his office.

“My office received 68 cases of school going children at Hillside Girls falling pregnant and we had 61 confirmed by doctors while seven were not confirmed but were received at my office,” he said.

He said that despite the impregnated girls being below the age of 16, none of these was reported to the police as defilement cases.

Mr Chama, however, said any incidences of pupils below 16 who fell pregnant, were regarded as defilement cases and were supposed to be reported to the police.

He said that the number of pupils getting pregnant in schools was an indication that unprotected sex was being practiced and that this placed a number of people at high risk of contracting HIV.


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