Zambian Movies Better Than Nigerian

In this context a politician would say, “if Nigeria did it, why can’t we did it”. I am thrilled with the progression of the Zambian film industry. Zambian soap opera are doing very fine on Zambezi movie Magic and kudos go to Multi choice for facilitating locally created movies to flood the Zambezi channel. It […]

I am Not For Sale – GBM

UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has distanced media speculations that he has resigned from the largest opposition to join the ruling PF. Addressing the press, Mwamba popularly known as GBM said it is foolish for social media to peddle malicious lies that he has been bought off by the PF at a whopping 50 […]

Statement On PF’s Victory In Kafue

The Zambian DNA congratulates the PF for scooping the Kafue Council Chairperson by-elections. This victory is very important because it signifies the people’s will to move away from politics of hate speech, politics of retrogression and politics that oppose development. We would like to congratulate and commend the people of Kafue for choosing development, for […]

Jealous Party Out To Discredit UPPZ Over Land

United Prosperous and Peaceful Zambia(UPPZ) National Spokesperson Francis Kope has disclosed that a named political rival party is conniving with gullible clients to taint the image of the party over the land it is genuinely empowering citizens. UPPZ has a serious policy where it has been empowering less-privileged Zambia with land. Since acquiring land is […]

Lopsided Development Agenda Costing Zambia

DATE: 27/03/2019. _______ Development that is lopsided, is not what Zambia needs. This is costing Zambians to a large extent. It will be very prudent for the Partriotic Front, to listen carefully to alternatives of Oppositions for their role in providing checks and balances in our maturing democracy. One of the first steps of an […]

Dante Saunders Explains Why He Refused To Work For Sata

POLITICAL Analyst Dante Saunders says he was offered a job in the foreign service from late President Michael Chilufya Sata but could not take it because the PF Government been infiltrated by political hijackers and corrupt individuals when the PF formed Government. And Mr Saunders has sent a warning shot to United Party for National […]

Rats At Lusaka Playhouse

Timothy Thabo writes… My heading above is not a figure of speech nor is it meant to catch your eyes, far from it. It is what it is as you read it. The Lusaka Playhouse is an ‘isle to the city’. It is a known fact that Lusaka City has been a construction site for […]

Pastor Nevers Mumba Raised A Dead Person From The Dead (With Evidence)

Pastor Nevers Mumba Raised A Dead Person From The Dead (With Evidence)

The day Pastor Nevers Mumba helped resurrect a woman from the dead ALTHOUGH years have passed, memories of how Pastor Nevers Mumba ‘prayed’ a Ndola woman out of the dungeons of death are still very fresh. A Ndola family had just lost their daughter, Christine at the Ndola Central Hospital. The doctor ordered that Christine […]

Increasing Zesco Tariffs: A Blow

  It is interesting to note that Zesco, a power utility firm has intentions to hike the electricity tariffs or they have already done so during this critical phase of our economic transformation. As a Chamber and private sector, we would have desired to see sustained stable tariffs for a much longer period of time […]

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