Bogus Indian Investor Angers Zambian Judiciary

Judicial officers are ostensibly distraught with a fake Indian investor – Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy after he insulted the integrity of the judiciary when court summons were served to him. Reddy, posing as an influential property buyer reacted angrily to Court Summons, telling a plaintiff- VINOD YADDULA to go to ‘HELL’ or serve the judicial […]

Pres. Lungu Sets The Tone In 2021 For Uniting The Nation

January 2, 2020 Zambian DNA commends President Edgar Lungu for setting the tone in 2020 by not only pulling down political barriers that divide the nation, preaching love and peace in both private and public fora, but also for unveiling an all-inclusive development agenda. Indeed, unity is strength through which we can together regardless of […]

Bogus Indian Investor Insults Zambian Judiciary…serve the summons in my ass, dares Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy of Lusaka

  A BOGUS investor – Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy, posing as an influential property buyer has reacted angrily to Court Summons telling a plaintiff- VINOD YADDULA to go to ‘HELL’ or serve the judicial documents into his ‘ass’, in a Whatapp pictorial response sent from India. According to information reaching our News Desk, when the […]

2019: A Tough Year-NGOCC…as poverty increased in Zambia

END  OF YEAR REFLECTIONS BY THE NON-GOVERNMENTAL GENDER ORGANISATIONS’ COORDINATING COUNCIL (NGOCC), 31st DECEMBER 2019 PREAMBLE TODAY 31st December 2019, marks the end of yet another eventful year for the women’s movement. By the grace of God, we once again stand here to testify, the abundance of his mercies, – this far we have come, […]

Statement On HH’s Rigging Claim

Zambian DNA is dismayed by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema ‘s unsubstantiated election rigging claims alleging that ECZ chairperson Essau Chulu will manipulate election results in favour of President Edgar Lungu. We are baffled by Mr Hichilema’s wild allegations that holds the potential to plunge the country into political turmoil. We are also saddened by the […]

Lungu is Duping Zambians

Reading through president Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s post on his Facebook page that he has directed secretary to the cabinet to cut salaries for top government officials and those running parastatals by 20, 15 and 10% as a mitigatory act to help cushion citizens burden resulting from government’s hike on fuel prices and electricity makes funny […]

Statement On ZESCO’s Tariff Increment

December 28, 2019 Zambian DNA welcomes Energy Regulation Board (ERB)’s decision to approve ZESCO’s application to increase electricity tariffs in an effort to boost power generation and supply to the nation. Indeed, the recently announced tariff increment by Zesco is meant to attract investment in the energy sector and build the power utility’s capacity. We […]

Statement On Government’s Performance In 2019 And Beyond

  December 26, 2019 Whilst the country has been grappling with many social and economic challenges in 2019, the Government has been equal to the task in tackling the said issues. Indeed, the Government under the able leadership of President Edgar Lungu has made great strides in tackling many critical issues affecting the Zambian people. […]

Downtown Fly Over Bridge Turned Into A Toilet

Vendors operating at the Zesco Substation opposite COMESA Secretariat along Kafue Road in Lusaka have turned a multi-million kwacha down town/ Kanele fly over bridge into a public toilet as can be seen in the pictures circulated by Tumfweko Media. The fly over bridge which gobbled millions of tax-payer’s money is littered with faeces, with […]

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