Statement On Political Violence Perpetrated By Party Cadres

October 16, 2020 Political violence perpetrated by cadres should be condemned in the strongest terms by all well-meaning Zambians as it holds the potential to disrupt peace and unity in the country. Political cadres’ attempt to attack law-enforcement officers in the broad day light or take the law into their own hands is seemingly a […]


STATEMENT ON NO WIND OF CHANGE October 13, 2020 It’s abundantly clear that there’s no wind of change blowing in Zambia as people are satisfied with the current Government’s commitment to promote key social and economic issues such as food security, citizens empowerment initiatives and all-inclusive developmental projects being rolled out in all the country’s […]

Non- Participating Political Parties a danger to our Electoral Process

President’s Summit Failure to come up with resolution in a four (4)hour meeting tells you that the  Electoral Commission of Zambia lacks capacity to held 2021 General Elections. After attending a circus meeting by the Electoral Commission of Zambia for Presidents and Secretary Generals at Mulungushi International Conference yesterday, as Leadership Movement (LM), we feel the […]


FRIDAY, 9TH OCTOBER, 2020 STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE. ————– As Movement for National Transformation (MNT) , we call upon all Zambians, to reject false empowerment, by recycled ideas and politicians, who have commercialised politics. Vote buying deception, by the Patriotic Front led government, must be rejected. Get what they give, but reject them in […]


—– October 8, 2020 It’s politically and morally wrong for some section of society to criticize everything President Edgar Lungu says and does. It’s also worth noting that constructive criticism is a critical tenet of a thriving democracy. However, we have noted that attacks on President Lungu’s character or character–assassination, hate speech, scorn and ridicule […]

Jay Brown Drops Political Bomshel

Joseph Banda, aka Jay Brown is back, this time with a political song titled “2021”. 2021, a song that does not appear to favour any political party, talks about next year and what we want to achieve individually. The song also talks about unity, love and peace among Zambians. The song feature President Alex Muliokela […]

Apostle Mayambu Calls On Zambians To  Seek God’s Forgiveness Of Sins Through 7 Days of Prayer, Fasting and National Repentance 

Battle Cry for Zambia (BCZ) founder Apostle Dr. Obrian Mayambu has declared 7(seven) days of Prayer,Fasting and Repentance for the country. The Prayer and Fasting exercise will run from the 1st to 7th October, 2020. Apostle Dr. Mayambu said Praying and Fasting was a way of requesting GOD to have mercy and forgiveness for the […]

SACCORD Statement on the Second Phase Mobile Issuance of National Registration Cards (NRCs)

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) welcomes the second phase mobile issuance of National Registration Cards (NRCs). This process is very important as it is a first step in affording the citizens of the Republic of Zambia an opportunity to acquire a legal document that forms a basis of them […]