Under Whose Authority Was DFID Acting Under When It Release Relief Food For Zambia?

Their is a very dangerous western cartel working around the clock to undermine the Zambian governing powers. UK recently released relief food days after Hakainde decision to declare hunger a national emergency despite the government repeatedly assuring the nation that the situation was under control and the current stock was enough to cover for the […]

Ambition Never End’s-KK…As Texila American University Holds Second Scholarship Award Ceremony

Ambition never comes to an end, insists Dr Kenneth Kaunda, as he pays special tribute to Texila American University(TAU) for awarding scholarships to deserving students. And Texila American University says it recognizes the growing need for quality education to be accessible to all.   Meanwhile, Dr Kaunda told scholarship recipients that the opportunity that has […]

Statement On Why Opposition Is A National Disaster In Zambia

September 20, 2019 The Opposition in Zambian is a national disaster as some of them have lamentably failed to provide checks and balances to Government. Suffice to mention that some opposition parties have abandoned their critical role by assuming they ‘re the ones in the driving seat when in fact not. One typical example is […]

What Is So Special About KBF?

Kelvin Fube Bwalya – KBF held a press briefing two days ago and all major politically interested parties are having a field day. At the PF Secretariat, we have one group pushing out positive material on what KBF said and we have another group pushing out negative material on both KBF and the President. Inside […]

Statement On Former Cabinet Ministers Inciting Citizens To Rise Against Govt

September 16, 2019 Zambian DNA is disappointed with all those spreading alarming statements alleging that the country’s institutions of government are under capture when in fact not. Some bitter and frustrated former cabinet ministers have teamed up with some disgruntled elements in opposition political parties to alarm the nation by peddling falsehoods, in an effort […]

PF SG Davis MwilaThreatens ZNBC Staff

  PF SG Davies Mwila has threatened to dismiss any member of the ZNBC Staff who proceeds to air any part of the Press Briefing held Kelvin Fine Bwalya – KBF earlier today. It has apparently angered Mr Mwila that ZNBC staff did not seek clearance from the PF Secretariat before covering the KBF event […]

Statement On Pres Lungu’s Watershed Address To The National Assembly

We, a consortium of political parties and non -governmental organizations, commend President Edgar Lungu for his watershed address to the National Assembly as he has inspired the majority Zambians and given hope to women, the youth and the vulnerable people in our society. Indeed, President Lungu’s address to the National Assembly highlights how Government intends […]