Best USB Air Purifier: Top 7 Models

Last updated: October 22, 2020

Looking for the best USB air purifier? Great! You are in the right place. Most of these types of air purifiers are battery operated and are portable. So they solve our biggest problems especially if you have allergies, are asthmatic or have any health condition that demands clean air all the time.  

Sometimes you just want to make sure that the air you are breathing is fresh and safe without any harmful substances. In this guide we have put together 7 best USB air purifiers on the market.

USB Air purifiers

Quick Overview Of The Best USB Air Purifier Models.

In a hurry? check out our quick overview picks our the best usb air purifiers on on the market below.

Wynd Essential Smart Personal Air Purifier

Pure Enrichment PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier

InvisiClean Small Portable Personal Air Purifier

SCOSCHE AFP-SP FrescheAIR Portable

Samisoler AirPurifier Ozone Generator Machine Portable

MICPANG Mini Desktop Air Purifier

FULOXTECH Portable Air Purifier

7 Best USB Air Purifiers (Detailed Reviews)

1. Wynd Essential Smart Personal

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The Wynd Essential Smart Personal Air Purifier is a light weight and portable air purifier. Designed by Engineers from NASA and MIT, it is among the most powerful portable air purifiers on the market. You can always breath clean air wherever you are. 

This unit can keep away bad air out in the wildfire season, and it can remove 99% of the impurities and a car cabin in Just 10- 15 minutes.

In addition, it is capable of neutralizing wildfire. As a result, you will be able to breath fresh air even during those bad wildfire seasons. 

It is ultra-small, as small as a bottle and you can easily place it in a cup holder. Because of its small size, you can use it conveniently wherever life takes you, be it in small rooms, airplane, in the office, inside baby strollers, car or more. 

You can easily charge this unit by USB cable and when it is fully charged, you can use it for 8 hours. With this in mind, you can conveniently use it in places where there are no charging ports or power sockets.  

This wind Essential air purifier is a smart air purifier. Meaning that you can connect it to your mobile phones and other smart devices, and you will be able to remotely monitor your air quality and control your device.

 Importantly, in order to keep your wynd essentials operating at its best, the filter should be replaced regularly. On the other hand the unit can automatically let you know when the filter is dirty and needs replacement.

Typically filters need replacement every after 3 months of regular use. 

2. Pure Enrichment PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier

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The pure enrichment air purifier is unique in that it features 2 stage purifying processes. The first stage consists of an activated carbon pre filter then a 2nd stage consists of a HEPA filter.  

With a 2-stage filter process, this model can remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and odors from your personal air. With its weight under 1bls., this small air purifier is perfect for travel. It can fit into any purse, briefcase, or luggage. 

It comes with a rechargeable lithium–ion battery. As a result of this, it can clean your personal space up to 12 hours from a fully charged battery. This portable unit features a USB port and charging cable. With that in mind, you can continue charging it by connecting it to any device with USB socket including your laptop.  

The pure zone mini features and easy to use single button making the operation of this unit hassle-free. This model is notably quiet enough for use while travelling on public transport like airplane and trains. 

On top of that, it is backed by a 5-year warranty 

Features to note. 

  • Product dimension: 8.5” x 3.3” x 2.7” 
  • Features 3 speed settings (low, medium, high) 
  • Runs up to 12hours on battery 
  • Power: 8 watts 
  • Coverage area: 54 sq ft. 
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs 

3. InvisiClean Small Portable Personal

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The invisiclean small portable personal air purifier is an ionizer that comes with a strap so you can even wear it around your neck. This small Invisiclean model is ideal for use while travelling and it is a battery operated air purifier.

The unit reduces unwanted substances such as viruses, pollen, mold, dust, and smoke. It can be used in cars, trains, home, airplanes, school, or office.  

It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged via its USB port. The battery will last up to 240 hours. 

If you are looking for something that is completely quiet, then you will love this one; It doesn’t come with fans or any moving instead, it utilizes the ionic technology to improve the quality of air around your space. So, you can definitely benefit from breathing fresh air quietly 

However, it should be noted that this model does not remove and odors from the air. 

This model is backed by a 1-year warranty 

Features to note 

  • Product dimension: 1.8 x 0.95 x 2.7 inches 
  • Weight: 1.4 ounces 
  • Silent operation 
  • Uses Ionic technology so does not remove odors  

4. SCOSCHE AFP-SP FrescheAIR Portable HEPA Air Purifier

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Looking for something that is quiet but does both purifying and removing odors from air around you? Then the SCOSCHE AFP-SP FrescheAIR Portable HEPA Air Purifier is perfect fit for you. 

This unit is very portable, small enough to fit the cup size of your vehicle, so you can beath clean, odorless air while carrying it around in your car. The unit will definitely make your life comfortable and healthier. 

Besides purifying air, the unit is designed to remove all unwanted odors such as such as food odors, smoke fumes, pet odors and dust. So, you will always have breath odorless and clean air with this unit around. 

In addition to that, this model features a digital display that will show you air quality, temperature, and humidity. 

It is very easy to operate and features two ffan speed which expel air from the top. You just plug it in and it will quickly purify and deodorize the air around you. 

Features to note 

  • Touchless dual speed fan 
  • Cleans and eliminates odors from air 
  • Comes with a Digital display 
  • Equipped with a 4 Foot Cable and 12V Dual Car Adapter 

5. Samisoler Ozone Generator Machine Portable

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This model is an ozone generator machine with Strong oxidative decomposition ability. The unit is codeless, and it is rechargeable via USB slot. The air purifier ozone generator is small and easy to carry around wherever you like. When it comes to operating, it is quite easy as it features 1-click operation.  

It is a powerful and safe model which gives you the option to charge while using it. Once you charge it fully, it can work for 9 hours on battery. The unit takes 5 hours to fully charge on a 5-voltage source. 

This small air purifier is versatile, it can be used in many small places including the fridge, shoe cabinet. Pet house, car, outdoor camping and many more.  

On top of that, it comes with 3 working modes: energy saving mode, normal mode, and the efficient mode 

The energy saving mode is that one that save most of the device’s energy. Under this mode, the device first working for 5 minutes, then automatically goes into 120 minutes (about 2 hours) pause for every 3 minutes of work. The devices can run for up to 9 days under this mode. 

Under the normal mode, the device will start running for 10 minutes, then it will pause for 60 minutes for every 5 minutes of work. The device can run for up to 3 days continuously under this mode. 

The efficient mode is the highest and third mode. Under this mode, the unit works for 10 minutes and then pauses for another 10 minutes and the operation goes like this. The ozone generator can up to a maximum of 10 hours under this mode. 

Key features 

  • Device Dimensions: 5.59 x 4.61 x 1.61 inches 
  • Weight: 5 ounces 
  • Does not make noise (silent in operation) 
  • Helps to save energy with its 3 working modes 
  • CE, FC, RoHS certified. 

6. MICPANG Mini Desktop Air Purifier

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Looking for something ideal for your bedroom, car, office, or desktop? Then the MICPANG Mini Desktop Air Purifier can be your choice. 

The unit is equipped with activated carbon nano cotton Technoloy that can remove 99.9% of dust, particles as small as 0.3 microns and PM2.5. with this high filter rate, you can always enjoy an air-fresh environment wherever ever you are using it, sleeping, or working. 

It is easy to operate and features 3 operating modes. With just a press of a button, you can easily change the air purifying operating mode according to one that you need. The operating modes include Sleep Mode, Regular Mode, Ultra-clean Mode. 

This portable air purifiers also features a USB port so you can recharge it by connecting it to different power sources such as computers or power banks. 

It is very compact in size and because of this, you can carry it to wherever you want, and it is indeed versatile. So, it can be used in various environments without any problems. 

Key Features 

  • Product dimensions: 6.7*3.54IN 
  • Weight: 9.5 ounces 
  • Voltage: DC 5V 
  • Wattage<5W 
  • 4-layer filter design (can filter up to 99.9% of dust and particles as small as 0.3 microns and PM 2.5 

7. FULOXTECH Air Purifier

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Looking for something that will help you get rid odors as well as purify the air around your space? Then FULOXTECH Portable Air Purifier is the deal for you.  

This unit is equipped with a built-in microelectronic smells elimination system. This air purifier if perfect for eliminating all sorts of odors in various small spaces including car, shoe cabinet, cupboard, wardrobe, and refrigerator. 

 Its unique all-round (360 degrees) ozone release makes its smell elimination ability stronger than traditional bamboo charcoal bags and smell elimination gels. So, with this unit you will enjoy an odor free and refreshing environment. 

This model of FULOXTECH features two working modes, the green mode, and the blue mode so you have the control on how much energy you want used or saved. 

Under the green mode. The unit will run for 30 minutes then will pause for 55minutes. It will then continue working for 5minutes and pause for the next 55 minute. 

The blue mode is one that uses most of the energy but is very much efficient. Under this mode, the unit will start working for 30 minutes then rest for the next 30 minutes. It will continue working this way until the battery is dead or you shut down the unit. 

Key Features 

  • Device weight: 171g 
  • 2 hours charging time 
  • Its portable. Because of its Small in size, you can easily carry it around with you 
  • A fully charged battery can last up to 7 days 
  • Comes with a lanyard that you can use to hang this ozone generator anywhere you like 

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Benefits Of Battery Operated Air Purifier

They can be used any time: Contrary to traditional air purifiers, the battery-operated counterparts are flexible when it comes to usability. You do not need to position them around some specific place around your home. Whether you are out, in the office or in your car, you can simply take your unit and power it on and you are good to go. 

They are rechargeable (don’t need power supply to work): You do not need 120v power socket for you to get the fresh air. With the batteryoperated air purifier, you can just recharge it using a USB cable and it can be used where there is no main power supply. Most of these units run for as long as 9 days on a fully charged battery. 

Low noise levels: Because most of these mobile air purifiers do not have moving parts in them, they are a lot quieter in operation. So, if you are very particular about noise levels, you are going to enjoy a fresh-air environment that comes with these air purifiers. 

Good for travelling: With pollutants and allergens everywhere, it becomes hard particularly when you want to travel but you need fresh air all the time. This is where portable air purifiers come in; you can carry it and wear it around your neck while you are travelling on that airplane or train. They just make life a lot easier.

Final Thought

There are several types of air purifiers on the market, but it can be extremely hard to pick the best USB supported one out of all out there.  

However, through our research, we selected 7 top supported USB models to help you pick out the best. We hope this guide has been helpful to you.  

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