10 Best Water Based Air Purifier Models [2021/22 Reviews]

10 Best Water Based Air Purifier Models [2021/22 Reviews]

Looking for the best water based air purifier? You are in the right place because in the guide we have handpicked and put together the best air purifiers that use water to clean your surrounding air. 

Quick Preview Of The Best Water Based Air Purifier Models

In a hurry? We totally understand so we have put a quick preview of the best water based air purifier models below to help you to quickly pick the best.

1. U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer & Room Revitalizer
2. Sirena Twister Air Purifier – Water Air Purifiers For Home
3. Airpleasure Water-Based Purifier Air Washer
4. Airpleasure air Washer Aroma Diffuser
5. EcoGecko Earth Globe- Glowing Water Air Washer and Revitalizer
6. UROMA Water-based Aromatherapy Air Cleaner
7. VENTA LW25 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier
8. New Comfort Mini Desktop Water Based Air Purifier Diffuser
9. Ocean blue 2 Speed Water Based Air Purifier Humidifier

10. Bluonics Fresh Aire Water-Based Air Revitalizer & Freshener

What Is A Water Based Air Purifier And How Does It Work?

Water air purifiers are different from ordnary air purifiers because they use water to clean the air. Unlike the traditional air purifiers, the air water based air purifiers do not use HEPA filter to Purify the air. Instead, they use water. On top of that, these air purifiers can also be used to humidify your environment. 

The air in the room is drawn into the purifier, then particles and other pollutants are trapped into the water. Then the washed air is released back into the room from the other side of the purifier. 

Water air purifiers help reduced the number of pollutants in the air including 

  • Dust mites 
  • Mould,  
  • pollen 
  •  cooking smells 

They are also great for people with alleges or those who suffer from Asthma.

These air purifiers do remove pollutants and bacteria from the air to some extent but I should make it clear that they are not as accurate as the Hepa filters that are used by the ordinary purifiers, which remove more than 99% of impurities from the air.

However, water air purifier come in as a natural way to clean the air and at the same time humidifying your surrounding air without anyadditional cost.

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10 Best Water Based Air Purifier Reviews

Below are the detailed reviews of the best water based air purifiers on the market.

1. U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer & Room Revitalizer

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The U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer is the best water based air purifier on our list, This model is definitely worth considering. 

It is an easy to use and maintain air purifier that uses just tap water to clean and freshen up the air. You do not need purified or sterilized water. It cleans your room up to 700 sq. Ft.  

The Aroma globe works by drawing air inside with its rotating wand.  As the dirty air flows inside the dome, the wand stirs the water by way of rotating and so the water traps the harmful particles and removes unpleasant odors.  Then it infuses the air with subtle scents before sending it back into the room. 

This air washer cleans the air using simple tap water rather than adding scents to it.  It does this by first moisturizing and then cleaning the air by releasing aromatic oils that reduce odors while at the same time also adds calming and ambient lighting. 

You have the choice to pick from three bottles of delicate scents that you can add from one of the three included aroma oils or use your own essential oils. The three 10mls that come with the unit include Cherry blossom, ocean mist and Jasmine. 

U.S. JACLEAN Features: 
  • Mood lighting effect (rotates between green, red, and blue colored lights.)
  • Uses ordinary tap water to clean and freshen up your room air (It does not need mineral water or sterilized water). 
  • It comes with scented oils to provide 3 different fragrances for any moods 
  • The rotating motorized stem is stirs the water. This helps to trap harmful pollutants and air from the stale air. 
  • The unit produces white noise which helps cancel out unwanted noises and helps you sleep better at night 

2. Sirena Twister Air Purifier – Water Air Purifiers For Home

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Sirena Twister Air Purifier is among good air purifiers for home. If you are looking for something to improve the quality of your home air, then consider this unit. This small device is perfect for both small and big rooms, bedrooms, living rooms or offices. 

This water based air purifier has a filtration system that will remove pet dander and lint from your room air. So, this protects your family from asthma and other breathing issues. 

To clean the air of your room, you just need to add water and a few drops of ocean breeze to the water for good and nice smelling air. It removes pollutants such as smoke, smell, impurities, leaving your room’s air clean, fresh, and healthy. This air purifier is also the best choice for smokers and pet owners. 

With its 7 color LED lights, you can create a romantic and soothing room environment at night. The sirena air purifier is relatively quieter than ordinary air purifiers so with it running, you can enjoy a good and quiet night sleep. 

It features a compact and modern design which makes it very portable and can easily be carried and placed anywhere you like. Its versatile and you can place it on countertops, nightstands, desks, and windowsills. 

Sirena Twister Air Purifier Features:
  • Has a compact and modern design. Making it lightweight and portable. For this reason, you can easily move it from one place to another. 
  • It is easy to run. You simply feel it with water, and you are good to go. 
  • You have the option to add fragrance to the water to improve the scent of the air in your room. 
  • It ensures healthy quality air of your room by trapping the smoke, dust, and other air pollutants not suitable for your health. 
  • Its 7-color LED illumination makes it a perfect night time companion. 

3. Airpleasure Water-Based Purifier Air Washer

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The Airpleasure air Washer aroma diffuser is an among good big tank water air purifiers with 1000mls (1 liter) of water capacity. This model is perfect for use in both big and small rooms including rooms, bathrooms, warehouses, office, hotels, and many others. 

 This model is quieter than other air purifiers and has a noise level rating at only 30 decibels. So, you can enjoy a quiet night sleep when this device is still running. 

It uses a hydro technology that utilizes water to purify the air in your space.  The model is made with friendly material that is harmless and safe for your family. The transparent bottom bowl is built with ABS plastic, the same as that used for a baby bottle. 

So, when it comes to cleaning, there is no hassle as you just need to use clean or warm water. On top of that, you can add a few drops of essential oils into the aroma diffuser, and you will have your room smelling with your favorite fragrance. 

It is also energy efficient compared with other air purifiers 

Technical specification 

  • Item weight: 1.74 pounds 
  • Noise level: 30 db 
  • Material used: ABS plastic 
Airpleasure air Washer Aroma Diffuser features
  • This model is designed with a big water tank, so this reduces need to repeatedly buy filter interference. 
  • It is very quiet in operation with noise levels rated at 30 Decibels. At this sound level, we consider it quieter than similar water based air purifiers. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain. (made with ABS plastic that is easily cleaned with water.) You only have to clean the water tank and stick once a day 
  • Comes with 7 different LED night lights

4. Airpleasure air Washer Aroma Diffuser

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Need a large water air purifier for both bigger and smaller rooms? Then get the Airpleasure Water-Based Purifier Air Washer. It is also perfect for use in living rooms, bathrooms, warehouses, offices, and many more areas. 

This unit is easy to clean. You just need to fill it up with 1.2liters of water to effectively clean the air in your room and you only have to clean up the bottle once per day.  

This air washer also works as an aromatizer, simply add 2-3 drops of fragrance oil or any of your favorite essential oil into the air purifier and this will turn stale, dirty air into clean air with a fresh scent. On top of that, it features 7 different LED night lights to match the deco of your space. 

Note that this air purifier does not come with essential oils. 

Technical Specifications: 

Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.5 x 6.4 inches 

Item weight: 2.05 pounds 

Material: BPA free material 

AirPleasure features 

  • Easy Cleaning and maintenance. You have to clean the bottle and water just once per day 
  • By just adding few drops of your favorite fragrance, this air purifier will also work as an aromatizer. Not that the unit doesn’t have essential oils, You can buy them separately. 
  • Is relatively quiet when working. It doesn’t produce the noise that are other ordinary air purifiers produce. 
  • It is versatile and is also suitable for larger areas such as living rooms or warehouses. 

5. EcoGecko Earth Globe- Glowing Water Air Washer and Revitalizer

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In need of a good water based air purifier that is also able to remove pet odors from your space? Then iEcoGecko Earth Globe can deliver just what you need. It’s a powerful device that works by neutralizing unpleasant odors in your room or space. It is easy to run; simply fill it with water and you are good to go. 

You also have the choice to add Fragrance to freshness of your space by simply adding few drops of the aroma oils. 

This water air purifier works by sucking the air from the room into the bowl of water. It comes with a built in fan that pushes the air through the water, then the water traps particles. And if you add the drops of aroma oils, fresh air will be released back into the room with together with the pleasant scent. 

On top of that, the swirling water creates soothing white noise that blocks away the outside unwanted noises and this will make you sleep quieter, and you can have a peaceful environment whenever you are working or studying. 

This model allows you to turn on and off the light leaving the device working. And the speed of water can also be adjusted. 

EcoGecko Earth Globe features 
  • Comes with a fan that draws air from your room into the bowl of water and release it after washing it. 
  • As an aroma oil diffuser, it is good at neutralizing unpleasant odors and reenergizing stale air, adding a fresh scent to any room. 
  • Has a built in safety switch that automatically switches off the unit when the top if lifted 
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy. You simply have to Change the water only once a day. Simply dump out the water and fill it up with fresh water. 

Technical specifications 

Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 8 inches 

Item weight: 1.74 pounds 

Coverage: up to 600 square feet (about twice the area of a parking space). 

6. UROMA Water-based Aromatherapy Air Cleaner

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The Uroma Water Based Air Revitalizer works both as a revitalizer and also as a humidifier. This is another large water based air purifier with 1000mls water capacity. It is definitely one of the best water based air purifier models on the market. It comes in two colors, Honey Wood Grain Finish and Silver.  

 This model is designed to remove odors, smoke, dust from the air of your room. After washing the air, it returns clean and healthy air that is essential for your good health. So, if you have alleges or Asthma, this is a good choice for you. 

It also features 6 different color changing LEDs patterns to match your room décor. The swirling water sounds gives out relaxing and white noise that will block away the unwanted noises from outside. 

For the therapeutic effect, simply add a few drops of essential oil and bring a spa like experience into the comfort of your home.  The fragrance produced by this device promotes better breathing and health and also relieves stress. The package includes 30 mils of pure essential oil. 

Technical specifications: 

Dimensions:7 x 7 x 7 inches 

Water tank capacity: 1000ms (1 liter) 

Coverage: up to 600 square feet (about twice the area of a parking space) 

Light type: LED. 

Uroma Water Based Air Revitalizer Purifier features: 
  • Has a large water capacity 1 liter 
  • Works as a revitalizer and a humidifier 
  • Has 6 different changing LED lights 
  • Comes with 1 bottle of 30 mils of essential oil 

7. VENTA LW25 Comfort Plus Airwasher Humidifier

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This unique and smart air purifier can clean and dampen dry air around your space up to 485 ft²  

It features a touch display interface that provides you with intelligent controls; auto-mode and sleep mode. With the touch of your finger, you can switch the unit on and off. On top of that, it has 3 power levels that makes it is energy efficient. Its power levels are 3 watts, 5 watts and 8 watts. 

Cleaning is very easy and convenient; it can work for up to 14-days effectively without changing the water. You only have to dump out water and fill it up with fresh water once in every 2 weeks.  

The Venta LW25 removes harmful pollutants and substance from your air. It is  designed to humidify the air to an optimal 40-60% which is healthy for you. 

This model also features a Digital hygrostat that is for measuring and controlling the relative humidity. 

To clean this air washer, you only need to fill it with tap water. Simply pour out the water, remove the dirt and rinse the disc stack with water, then fill it with fresh water together with venta’s water treatment additive.  

If you like, you also have the choice to add Venta Aromatherapy to the water and add a welcoming fragrance.  

VENTA LW25 Comfort   Features: 
  • It is equipped with auto shut off and has a low water level indicator 
  • You can select the humidity levels according to what you need, from 30% to 70 %. 
  • Easy and convenient to clean. You only have to change the water and remove the dirty 10 to 14 days (about 2 weeks). 
  • It comes with a touch screen control panel 

Technical specification

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 13 inches 

Color: black 

Power source: AC/DC 

Item weight: 8.55 pounds 

Sound level: features 3 sound levels according to the 3 power levels, 24 / 34 / 44 dBA 

8. New Comfort Mini Desktop Water Based Air Purifier Diffuser

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The next on our list of the top water based air purifiers is the new comfort mini desktop water-based air purifier diffuser. This device works as an air humidifier, deodorizer, purifier, revitalizer, aroma therapy and fragrance machine.  

For cleaning the air, it works by pulling the air from your room into the bowl and the particles and other pollutants get trapped in the water, so that only fresh and clean air is goes back into your room. 

For aromatherapy add a few drops of water based air purifier fragrances. It runs up to 13 hours continuously before another refill providing you with convenience. 

It is very quiet when running. You can work, study or sleep when the device is still running, and there won’t be noise to distract you. On top of that, you can easily charge this water air purifier with a 5volt USB connection. 

It also comes with a safety features that locks the lid to prevent incidental spills on desk, cars 

New Comfort Mini features: 

  •  Comes with a 1 year warranty. 
  • Coverage: it is rate for 350 square fts 
  • 12 hour run time between water fills. 

9. Ocean blue 2 Speed Water Based Air Purifier Humidifier

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Another good product by new comfort is the Ocean blue 2 Speed Water Based Air Purifier.  This is an all in one purifier that works as: 

  • Humidifier 
  • Air deodorizer 
  • Air purifier 
  • Revitalizer 
  • Air sanitizer 
  • Aroma therapy  
  • Fragrance machine with its own motor 

This water air purifier humidifier is easy to use, you Simply fill the water bowl with water and your favorite fragrances to keep your room air smelling good, fresh and clean. Note that the fragrances are sold separately.   

No noise will bother you as this unit runs quietly in the background.  

This devices covers 350+ sq. ft.  and can run up to 24 hours before you have to refill it. You don’t have to worry if there is power outage or there is not power supply souce where you are, you can power it by using any 5v USB power source such as your laptop.  

It features a safety feature that automatically switches off the unit when the top is lift up. And when the top is put back the unit starts back automatically. 

Technical specification: 

Power source type: USB 

Runing time before refill: up to 24 hours 

Coverage: up to 350 sq ft. 

Ocean features:
  • It is quiet in operation so this device will not disturb you and your family when you are working, studying or sleeping. 
  • It has a USB port that you can use to power it, wherever you are. 
  • You can run it for 24 hours with a single water refill and you can always check on its digital display. how much time it has been running. 
  • It comes with a powerful 2 speed fan that can spread fresh air and humidity up to 350sq. Ft. 

10. Bluonics Fresh Aire Water-Based Air Revitalizer & Freshener

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Need something that works good for asthma and allergy sufferers? Then consider getting the Bluonics Fresh Aire Water Based Air Revitalizer. This purifier uses the hydro purification Technoloy to clean the air. It works by first trapping the polluted air, smells, bad odors, pollen spores and dust. Then the purified water is atomized and released back into your room leaving your space fresh and without pollutants. 

Want a fresh smelling environment with your added favorite fragrance? Simply add few drops of essential oils to the water and this purifier will do wonders for you. 

This device will tackle all unwanted smells including cooking smells, tobacoo odors, and many others unpleasant smells in your home air environment. 

It also features 6 LED lights to create a relaxing and ambient atmosphere. 

Technical specification: 

Maximum power: 10 watts 

Maximum coverage 360 sq. Ft. 

Water tank capacity: 1 Quart 

Lights: 6 LED color changing


Bluonics features
  • It is small and light weight, so you can easily carry it anywhere 
  • It doesn’t produce much noise when it is running, so you can enjoy a good quiet night sleep 
  • This device uses the hydro purification technology, an effective technic to trap harmful and unwanted substances from the air. 
  • It has 6 LED color changing lights to provide you with an ambient and relaxing atmosphere 
  • Do you want to use it as an aromatizer? Simply add few drops  fragrance oil and it will do exactly when you need. 

How To Clean A Water Based Air Purifier

  1. Switch off your device and unplug it from the power source. This is a first and safety step to protect yourself from any kind of electric shock. 
  1. Remove the top of the purifier. You can do this by unscrewing it, but it depends on the device that you are using. 
  1. Remove the fan and clean it. The fan draws in air into the purifier and pushes it out into the room on the other side. So dirty air passes through them and it can accumulate over time. Because of that, we recommend cleaning the fan to ensure that the air that you get is clean. 
  1. Clean the water basin:  It is important that you clean the basin with soapy water because that is where mold would likely build up overtime if no regular cleaning is done. 
  1. Clean your device’s stem:  This is the part that stirs the water so that the pollutants are trapped in there. Gently and carefully clean it. Overtime, residue can accumulate. 

Once you are done with the cleaning, leave your device to dry.  You can either leave it under the sun, or you can simply let the air dry it.  After everything is dry, you can now put them back together, fill the basin with water and plug in your unit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you change the water in an air purifier?

About a day or so. But generally, how often you need to change the water depends on the model of the water air purifier you are using.

Many manufacturers recommend changing water and cleaning the basin once per day. But for other models, like the Venta LW25 Comfort Plus Airwasher, you will only need to change the water after 10 to 14 days (about 2 weeks) depending on the quality of the air. 

How long does it take for an air purifier to clean a room?

An air purifier would take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to clean your room. But you should be able to notice the difference in the quality of the air within 30 minutes of running your purifier. 

Generally, there are factors to consider before you can estimate how long it will take your purifier to clean your room such as coverage of the air purifier, the size of the room, the fan speed etc, 

Is it ok to leave air purifier on all night?

You can leave your air purifier on all the night, all days of the week. Infact, air purifiers are designed to be running all the time even when you are not home.

Dust and other unwanted particles constantly enter your room even when the doors or windows are closed. They sneak in through gaps between doors or windows or cracks even if we don’t see them. 

Can you use an air purifier with windows open?

You can use your air purifier with open windows, but it won’t be as effective as it would with windows closed. Just by keeping windows closed, the particulate pollution in the air will be about half the level of outdoor air  

If you want to use your purifier with windows open, the best way you can do it is, use a purifier that with coverage rating larger than your room size. 

Are air purifiers a waste of money?

No. Air purifiers are not a waste of money. They are effective at cleaning the surrounding air and they also help people with alleges or asthma issues. They come with many health benefits such as reducing the chances of airborne diseases including flue and cold.  So air purifiers are worth it.


Studies show that indoor air hold 2 to 5 times more pollutants than outdoor air. So, the water based air purifier helps to reduce the number household-air pollutants including dust, allergens, bacterium and many more. They also help people with allergies or Asthma.  

After hours of research, we came up with the above list of the best water based air purifier models on the market to help you pick the best quickly.  

If you are still unsure about which you should get, we recommend you go for the U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer which has a large coverage area of about 700 sq ft (about twice the area of a parking space). And it is very quiet in operation so no noise will disturb you when you are sleeping, studying or working.  

Alternately you can go for our second pick on our list, the Sirena Twister Air Purifier. 

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