Brand New Fridge Making Noise: Fixes

brand new fridge making noise

Is your brand new fridge making noise and you don’t know what why or what to do next? Don’t why, in this guide we have put together why your brand-new fridge could be making noise and steps you can take to stop it. 

Why Is My Brand New Fridge Making Noise? 

There are several reasons your brand new fridge could be making noise. But many times, the noises are very normal, and you should not worry about them. Here are the common reasons why your bran new fridge or any other fridge could be making noise. 

  1. Did your place your fridge on an uneven base: When deciding where to place your refrigerator you should always make sure that the base is flat horizontal. If your fridge is not standing on a flat surface, it will produce some sounds or noises mainly from vibrations. 
  1. Does your fridge have an icemaker? Icemaking processes produce a lot and loud of noise some of which can be alarming, but that is normal. 

3. Dribbling sound: A dribbling sound comes from the refrigerant passing through the coils. The flow of the refrigerant will produce a dribbling sound. 

4. Clicking or buzzing sound:  a clicking or buzzing sound can be produced when when the water inlet valve opens to allow the dispensation of water. 

5. Cracking: A cracking sound will come from the contraction and expansion of your fridge’s walls. Because your fridge. 

6.Rattling noises: Lose handles, or doors are common causes for vibrations that produces unpleasant noises. 

7. Sizzling/hissing sound: Sizzling or hissing sound is produced when the frost is evaporating. 

8. Vibration noises:  Vibration noises are produced when your fridge is touched the cabinet enclosure.  

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What Should You Do When Your New Fridge Is making Noise?

  1. Place your fridge on the mat: If your fridge is producing vibration noises, by placing it on the on the mat, there are some anti-vibration mats that absorbed the vibrations and other noises. 
  2. Place your fridge on the level surface: If one or more of your fridge’s legs is hanging, there will be noise that will be produced from the moving parts of the fridge. So, ensure that all the legs of the fridges touch the surface to reduce the noise produced.
  3. Call your dealer or manufacturer: Try calling your dealer or manufacturer and they should be able to assist you with the issue. If the warranty is already expired, you can try hiring a local technician to have a look at it. 


A fridge is made in such a way that too bring about the cooling effect, it will produce some noise from its moving parts such as the motors in the compressors and the flowing of the refrigerant. So, most of the noise that comes from the refrigerator are completely normal. 

But if you think you think the noises are unusual, consider calling a technician to come and have a look or let your manufacturer know about it. They will either fix it or just replace it with another one if its defective. Most fridges come with atleast 1 year warranty