This is the money which was concealed in the ground by former minister of labour and social security in the MMD government, AUSTIN LIIATO. The money was recovered from His farm by combined operation of Zambia Police and other investigative government wings in the early hours (02:30hrs) of today 11/25.

CHINESE Men Marry African WIVES

Since the implementation of the strategy of “going out” strategy, a large number of Chinese men have married African women for the other half. It is already not unusual that Chinese men marry black women; by contrast, fewer men dare to bring black girls back home. Below are some photos of Chinese husband and African […]

Pictures Of The Day

Pictures Of The Day

Rhino goosed by ostrich. This two-tonne rhino was so startled when an ostrich pecked him on the bottom that he leapt into the air, with both hind legs off the ground. The sight was captured on camera at Woburn Safari Park as the ostrich inspected rhino Kai, the newest addition to the park. The ostrich […]

Our Gals At Work(Part 1)

By Contributor. DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE IS NOT IN ANYWAY INTENDED  TO ENCOURAGE PROSTITUTION! Some of our gals in some parts of Europe engaging in activities that are making them ‘rich’ but pose health risks especially when we talk of HIV/AIDS. Here is what our paparazzi scouted out!   This  is a gal who calls  herself […]