Nawakwi : Vote For Leaders Who Are Clear Thinkers

Forum for Democracy and Development leader Edith Nawakwi says Zambians should use the forthcoming elections to vote for leaders who are clear thinkers. Ms. Nawakwi says Zambia needs leaders who are clear thinkers and have a better vision for the country. She says Zambians cannot afford to have the same leaders who will continue retarding […]

Gaddafi Accepts Offer Of Vote To End Libya Conflict

Gaddafi Accepts Offer Of Vote To End Libya Conflict

Managua – Libya’s embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi is ready to hold elections to resolve the ongoing conflict in the North African country, Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega said late on Wednesday after meeting with a Libyan delegation. Ortega, a personal friend of Gaddafi, said the leftist Latin American bloc ALBA supported the move to allow Libyans […]

Sata : I Personaly Knew RB’s Ndebele Mum

Patriotic Front President Michael Sata has said he personally knew president Rupiah Banda’s mother and was not Zambian. And former Kabwata MP Given Lubinda has explained that PF vice president Guy Scott does not qualify to be president of Zambia. Sata told Qfm Radio Thursday morning that president Banda’s mother was a ndebele from Zimbabwe. […]

Invest Trust Bank Increase Workers Salary

The Zambia Union for Financial Institutions and Allied Workers ZUFIAW has hailed Invest trust Bank for awarding its workers a 17 percent salary hike. And ZUFIAW President Cephas Mukuka says the awarding of the 17 percent salary increment is a positive result considering the economic hardships Zambians are living in. Meanwhile, Mr. Mukuka has challenged […]

Why Should PF Write AU, SADC ?- Christian Coalition

The Christian Coalition says it is very disappointed with the decision taken by the Patriotic Front to take issues of president Rupiah Banda’s parentage to SADC. Spokes person John Mwendapole says it is very unfortunate that the Patriotic Front has turned itself into cry babies and wants to attract sympathy from unsuspecting voters. Mr Mwendapole […]

ECZ Meets 2011 Presidential Candidates Ahead Of Polls Battle

The Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Justice Ireen Mambilima has met the 2011 presidential candidates with a call for issue based campaigns. Justice Mambilima says the commission would like to see a change in the way political parties conduct their campaigns this year. She has told Presidential candidates to avoid dwelling on personalities and instead […]

NGOs Urged To Remain Voiceless On Party Affiliations

Non governmental Organizations have been urged to be voiceless on issues of political affiliations. Voice of the People Executive Director Frank Zimba says NGO members should remain non partisan at all times. He observes that if members of NGOs side with a particular political candidate or party, society may be injured by that stance. Mr. […]

Simusa : PF Will Not Nationalize The Mines

Patriotic Front Chairman for Mines Wylbur Simusa has charged that the MMD government lacks creativity in running the mines. And Mr. Simusa says the PF will not nationalize the mines once it forms government but will instead increase share holding and encourage Zambians to have ownership. He says it is wrong for the MMD to […]

Fr Bwalya : Not Even State Machinery Will Help RB return Presidency

Father Frank Bwalya says not even the use of state machinery will help president Banda to return power after the 2011 elections. Father Bwalya says he is optimistic that the MMD will not return power after the 20th September elections. He has since called for a level playing field to be created ahead of the […]

Vote For Geniune Leaders – DEGHA

Democratic Governance and Human rights Advocates (DEGHA) has appealed to people certified as eligible voters by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to vote for leaders who will seriously address their concerns. The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says 5,167,154 voters have been certified as ellegible registered voters in this years tripartite election. In an interview […]