Lubinda Defends Patrick, Kamanga

Given Lubinda says the PF will never allow the bunch of President Banda’s cadres to incriminate Kitwe mayor Elias Kamanga and Patrick Mwanawasa. In an interview, Lubinda who is PF chairman for local government, said it was clear that there were too many hands involved in the highly politicised allegations by the MMD Copperbelt task […]

Sichinga : Defections, Clear Indication Of ‘Wind Of Change’

Economic and political consultant Bob Sichinga has observed that defections being witnessed in the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD are a clear confirmation that the wind of change is coming to the fulfillment. Mr. Sichinga says it is also an indication that even in the MMD, people are tired with the kind of leadership […]

Blog : ‘Zambian Political Party Heavyweights Lack Good Leaders’

Socio-economic conditions in the domestic, regional and global environments are changing constantly—they are in a state of flux! As such, yesterday’s approaches to the resolution of our country’s problems are not likely to do an effective job; after all, they have evidently and lamentably failed to do the job in the past! We, therefore, need […]

Mangani : People Are Tired Of MMD… As Chipata Give Him A Heroic Welcome(updated)

FORMER works and supply deputy minister Lameck Mangani yesterday brought Chipata town to a standstill. And Mangani says there is nothing personal between him and President Rupiah Banda except that Zambians are fatigued with the MMD and want change. Mangani, who last week resigned from the ruling MMD, arrived around 09:05 hours at Chipata Airport […]

Bishop Mambo : Silence On A Dissolution Of Parliament, Sign Of Plunder

Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo has charged that the silence on calls for the dissolution of parliament is an indication that there is so much plunder of resources in government going on. Bishop John Mambo wonders why President Rupiah Banda has kept quite on the dissolution of parliament when elections are drawing nearer. He […]

Another Ex-Barotse Detainee Dies…As Mututwa Put To Rest (updated)

ANOTHER former Barotse detainee has died from a health condition that relatives say manifested shortly after his release from Mumbwa Prison where he was remanded over the Barotseland Agreement-related Mongu riots. And burial of 92-year-old former Ngambela of Barotseland who was early this year arrested and charged with treason by the government over the Barotseland […]

Kamanga Warned and Cautioned

The police have recorded a warn and caution statement from Kitwe Mayor, Elias Kamanga. This follows an official complaint reported by MMD Copperbelt Taskforce Chairman, Joe Malanji. Mr Malanji alleges that Mr Kamanga unilaterally ordered the fuelling of Late President levy Mwanawasa’s Son, Patrick’s vehicle. Meanwhile, Mr Kamanga has accused Kitwe City Council management of […]

TIZ Supports LAZ Over ZNBC

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has reiterated the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ)’s observation on the operations of the public media. LAZ has accused the national broadcaster of breaching the ZNBC act through bias news coverage skewed towards the MMD. However, LAZ has recently come under fire from some sections of society over its stance over […]

RB : NO Election Date Until Voters Register Is Ready

President Rupiah Banda today said he will only annouce the date of elections when the Electoral Commision of Zambia (ECZ) indicate to him that all logistics are in place. RB asked Zambians to exercise patience as the ECZ is yet to release the final voters register. The President said Zambians, especially politicians, should exercise patience […]

No Endorsements For RB-Chinsali Chiefs

Five Chinsali chiefs met Vice President G.Kunda at Tazama guest house yesterday in a closed door meeting. The chiefs who were reportedly given K1M each only thanked the veep for the visit to the district. “we did not make any endorsements, we listened to the veep, got K1M each kabili ni dont kubeba uno mwaka”(This […]