Libyan Rebel Commander Assassinated

Libyan Rebel Commander Assassinated

General Abdel Fatah Younes, a former senior official in Col. Gadhafi’s regime who defected to lead rebel forces, has been killed, according to the head of the rebel National Transitional Council. “With all sadness, I inform you of the passing of Abdel Fatah Younes, the commander-in-chief of our rebel forces,” NTC chief Mustafa Abdel Jalil […]

Nigerian Business Mogul Dangote Funds MMD Campaigns

Sources have disclosed that Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote has bankrolled the MMD campaigns with a $5M blank cheque to assist President Rupiah Banda retain his seat. The source said the shrewd Nigerian businessman had told RB’s emissaries a few weeks ago that he would only avail campaign funds if his cement company was opened before […]

Lubinda : Poll Date Timely

Former Kabwata Member of parliament Given Lubinda has described the announcement of the election date as timely. Mr Lubinda has since called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia to quickly announce the date for the nominations. Mr. Lubinda, who is Patriotic Front chairman for local government and housing, says political parties should know when the […]

SATA : Rupiah Announced Elections Because I Told Him

Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata says the country will need to have a new constitution as soon as a new government is ushered into office. Mr. Sata has told QFM radio station that the current constitution is too porous and does not protect the rights of the Zambian people. He adds that it is the […]

Sichinga : Elections Will Not Be Free And Fair

Bob Sichinga says Zambians should not allow the date of elections be the preserve of one particular individual. Commenting on the announcement by President Rupiah Banda today that elections will be held on 20th September, Mr. Sichinga who is an economic and political consultant says there are a lot of disadvantages in allowing the president […]

Mopani Copper Mines Ushers In New CEO

Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) has ushered in a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The development comes following the Board Meeting held on 26th July 2011. According to a statement availed to by Mopani Company Secretary Kyansenga Chitoshi, have appointed Mr. Danny Callow as its new Chief Executive Officer. The Board of Directors of Mopani […]

Breaking News : 20/9 IS POLL DATE(Updated)

Tuesday 20/9 is Poll date. President Banda announced this morning in a press briefing at state house.Parliament has since been dissolved. He says the date of Tuesday 20th September 2011 for the elections was arrived at after he consulted with the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other relevant bodies to ascertain the most suitable date. […]

Elections Date To Be Announced Today 28/07/2011 At 10:00hrs

Sources have revealed that Elections will be held in under 60 days  and President Rupiah Banda will today announce the date of elections at 10:00hrs.A recording will be done at State House and immediately released to all media house that will be accredited by ZNBC.The date has remained a state house secret but and sources have […]

Chitala : Attacks On LAZ Are Unfair, Undemocratic

Former Zambian ambassador to Libya Mbita Chitala says attacks by government on Law Association of Zambia president Musa Mwenye are unfair and do not add value to the democracy of the nation. Dr. Chitala says as an organ of government, the Law Association of Zambia is mandated to give legal opinion on the operations of […]

33 perish in road mishap

Thirty three people have died while four others have been critically injured in a road traffic accident which happened this morning involving a Zambia-Malawi bus and a truck on the Great East road, about 15 kilometers from Nyimba district. The bus was travelling from Chipata to Lusaka when it collided with the truck at a […]