PF Seeks Illegal Land Allocation Probe Outcome

The Patriotic Front (PF) has demanded that government should immediately publicise the outcome of its investigations into alleged irregular land allocation by the Lusaka City Council. Minister of Local Government, Brian Chituwo has announced the respective investigations into the alleged sharing of plots by Lusaka councilors. But PF Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba has stated that […]

Chatham House Invites Siliya, Lungu

The Chatham House of the United Kingdom has invited Education Minister Dora Siliya and former Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) Director of Investment Promotions and Privatizations, Muhabi Lungu to a meeting where the duo is expected to speak on Zambia’s political and economic prospects. The meeting is scheduled to take place on 28th July 2011. This […]

Police Recover 2 Bodies Of The 8 Children Who Drowned In The Kafue River

Police have recovered 2 more bodies of the 8 children who drowned in the Kafue River in Mpongwe on Saturday evening. However Police are still searching for the other 6 bodies that are feared dead. The children met their fate when a dugout they were in capsized near Chief Machiyas palace in Mpongwe. The drowning […]

Man Eaten By A Lion Near His Home In Nyimba

Lantone Phiri was devoured by the man-eater as he was out walking in Nyimba, a remote town in the east of the southern African country. A passer-by found the man’s remains and alerted other members of their tribe. The attack comes at a time of year when lions are known to prowl near human territory […]

LAZ President Is PF Oriented – Dora

Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has accused Law Association of Zambia president Musa Mwenye of being PF oriented. Ms Siliya says it is clear from the statements issued by Mr Mwenye that he is a Patriotic Front sympathizer. She says the LAZ president is bringing the entire respected organization of LAZ into […]

Fr. Bwalya : Civil Servants Adopted On MMD Should Resign

Civil servants that have been adopted to stand in this years elections must resign, says Fr Frank Bwalya. Commenting on the recent announced adoption of MMD Parliamentary candidates that include some civil servants to stand in this year’s elections, Fr Bwalya said their continued stay in office after joining active politics was immoral and illegal. […]

So Talented, So Tortured, She Craved Oblivion

Her father Mitch remembers that when she was a child, Amy Winehouse used to pretend to be choking, or deliberately go missing in London’s Brent Cross shopping centre ‘just to get a laugh out of it’. ‘What she really likes,’ said Mitch, ‘is for people to worry about her.’ And worry about her people did. […]

Kanema : The Delay In Announcing Election Date Amounts To Gross Corruption

The Zambia Youths Association in the fight against corruption has charged that the delay by president Rupiah Banda to announce the date for the general elections amounts to gross corruption. Association Executive Director Rickson Kanema charges that the delay in announcing the election date by President Banda and his cabinet ministers is because they want […]

Freedom In Africa 2011 Index

Trend Country Political Rights Civil Liberties Status Angola 6 5 Not Free Benin 2 2 Free Botswana 3 2 Free Burkina Faso 5 3 Partly Free Burundi 5 5 Partly Free Cameroon 6 6 Not Free Cape Verde 1 1 Free Central African Rep. 5 5 Partly Free Chad 7 6 Not Free Comoros 3 […]

Zambian People’s Pact Is An Extension Of The PF – CC

The Committee of Citizens says it is disappointed with some Non Governmental Organizations that are championing the change of government. And Committee of Citizens Executive Director Gregory Chifire has charged that the Peoples Pact is an extension of the opposition Patriotic Front. Mr. Chifire says it is wrong to call for a change of government […]